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  1. by   ohmylove
    hey all I was at the orientation today and we were given a registration form, do we turn it into the advisors to sign up for our classes or do we sign up online, I tried to sign up online but it says that i'm unable to enroll in classes.
  2. by   nursewannab10
    You can't register yet. Check you SCC acct. to see when you enrollment date is. Also, they said that you have to go the school to register for the first sememster but after that you can register online for the following semesters.
  3. by   ohmylove
    Thanks! Do you have an enrollment date on yours? Because I don't have one.
  4. by   centralFLnurse2be
    Is everyone getting excited??? It's starting so soon! I'm trying to enjoy the last little bit of the calm before the storm. I know it's going to be hard doing the concurrent program with 2 little kiddos, but I like a good challenge.
  5. by   ohmylove
    Hey all, I signed up for the nursing classes today and i'm so excited!!
    Question though... when I sign up for my nursing classes it says Fundamentals Class/Lab is only on Mondays and Pharmacology class/lab is only on Tuesdays. However, the Fundamental teachers gave us that calendar that shows we have to come to class pretty much everyday for Fundamentals. Which schedule should I go by? I have to make time for work...

    Also is the first day the 26th or the 27th or August?
  6. by   nursewannab10
    Class starts on the 27th. The Fundamentals schedule is lecture on Mon. and lab is Thurs. and Fri., Pharmacology is on Tues., so Wed. is our only weekday that we have off.
    What time does the class starts? I'm not in the nursing program yet, but I want to know the schedule ahead of time so I can prepare my kids' babysitter in the future. Also, does the schedule they have when you registered for class is what they follow or do they always change it. Just wondering... Thanks!
  8. by   nursewannab10
    Fundamentals-----lecture-9-12 M
    lab 9-3 Thurs. and Fri\

    Pharmacology----lecture/lab 9-12 or 1-4 T.

    There will be times when we will have something scheduled on Wed.
  9. by   UM Review RN
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  10. by   ohmylove
    Hello, I'm just beginning the program in fundamentals and was wondering what is the best way to study.. is it strictly from the book or mostly from the notes they give you.. and just use the book for reference?