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Has anyone applied to Seminole Community Colleges Nursing program and have received their letter of whether you made it in or not?

SCC divides the categories into tiers or categories - just depends on which information sheet you have from them. Tier 1 = Category 1 which is successful completion of ALL of the required nursing general education courses and support courses with a re-calculated GPA of 3.0 or better. So you were in Category 1 (Tier 1), but they had stated that only those in Tier 1 with a GPA of 3.9 got in, which is obiviously an incorrect statement. Seems almost as bad of a typo as the colleges that sent out acceptance letters to students and then had to tell them they sent the wrong letter and they didn't really get in. Almost as bad, but not quite!

When I got my denial letter for the Jan. program, it didn't say anything about the gpa of the people that got in. Mine said:

SCC received a large number of qualified applicants for a limited number of seats and therefore I wasn't admitted at this time.......It also stated to reapply for the nursing program or to look into the PTA or RT program. Y

I'm not sure why they worded it that way, but they shouldn't intimidate students who have less than a 3.9 gpa. I knew that applying for the second time that my chances were higher of getting in, but still, there's never any guarantees. Hopefully you can get to the bottom of this and have better luck like I did the second time around.

How is everyone turning in your acceptance letter to tell them you are taking the seat.. I'm not sure if I want to mail it ...theres a fax number on there...

I'm going to fax mine bc with my luck if I sent it by mail, it would probably get lost!!:chuckle

i received my letter on friday and i got accepted!!! i will be faxing my letter and also mailing it scc with delivery confirmation (no signature needed) that way i have proof that i mailed it in on time. can wait to meet you guys at the orientation in june!!

I applied for the first time in April. I was finishing my last two courses and submitted a plan of completion for May 1st. I did finish and my recalculated GPA is a 3.6. All my courses are done. I received my letter last Friday and was denied. My letter also mentioned 3.9 for Category one. I am very upset because I feel that is very misleading on the schools part. The school advertises that they do not have a waiting list, well they might as well because they seem to function that way. All the students that did not get in the last time, seem to get in now, even if your GPA is 2.8! The school chose someone with a lower GPA over me simply because they applied before. I think that the whole thing is a scam! It doesn't matter how good your grades are to get in. What matters is when you applied. I feel that if I had a 4.0 GPA I still would not get in.

Gigi528-Congrats on your acceptance and maybe we'll end up in some of the same classes!

Waggs8750-I totally understand your frustrations about not getting in because I was in your shoes last Nov. when I was denied for the night program. But it's not right to make people feel like they're not deserving of their seat because they might have a lower gpa. I have a 3.2 gpa because while taking my pre-reqs I had my second child, worked, and took care of my Father who suffered from a massive stroke which caused his death 9 months later. I wasn't able to get a 3.9 or above because I had so many other things that were on my plate, but I'M SO PROUD of what I do have because I busted my butt to do my very best!! I had to wait for 1 full year (with my pre-req's being done) to get what I've worked so hard for. They even said at the information session that it's pretty much IMPOSSIBLE to get in under category3 .I know you've worked hard to get your 3.6 but how would you feel if you've been passed up time after time because the slots were filled with students who had a 3.7 and above? If they didn't do it the way that they do, then people would take all of those classes for nothing bc they would NEVER get in eventhough they might want it just as much as you or I. Please don't take this as an attack, I just simply want you to know that the people who have applied and did get in deserve it just like you will when you get your acceptance letter. I wish you the best of luck!!!

A classmate met with the Nursing Director last semester and was told they are not accepting anyone who has not completed all of the pre-reqs when they submit their application. They have too many applicants and only 100 seats.

In sum, all applicants considered fall into catagory I, and then weeded out by TEA's score and GPA. I think that is fair, maybe a little discouraging because you are anxious... but fair. At least that gives everyone a fair start then you are only competing against GPA and teas score.

I got my letter last week thursday Im in anyone here that is also enrolled in the SCC/UCF concurrent program?

i received my letter on friday and i got accepted!!! i will be faxing my letter and also mailing it scc with delivery confirmation (no signature needed) that way i have proof that i mailed it in on time. can wait to meet you guys at the orientation in june!!

haha i did the same thing, i was afraid it would get lost in the mail :p

Has anyone ordered the uniforms yet? I went to Meridys website and it gives tons of things to buy.. do we just get the uniform?

Congrats to those of you who got accepted! And to Acceptedinfl, you are going to be so happy you are doing the concurrent program. The UCF classes are really easy when compared to the SCC RN classes (a lot of busywork), and the time goes by pretty fast. I feel very fortunate to have had the opportunity to do this unique program. I graduate from SCC next month and will have my BSN in December.

One bit of advice about uniforms. If they are still making you guys buy white uniforms for clinical, try them on before you buy! They run REALLY large. What are they telling you you need to buy? (As I'm looking at my unopened goggles that I bought when school started and have never used.)

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