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I've heard that the pay for Florida nurses is very low, is this true? Do you know what the starting salary of a new grad would be like? Also the salary of a nurse practioner (neonatal)? Any... Read More

  1. by   KinkyKurlyRN
    Quote from navy_corpsman1891
    I haven't seen anyone at Kendall Regional practicing as a GN. They do hire new grads. Starting pay is $24.50 - $25.55
    Thank you doll. I heard they do hire new grads so that's nice to know.
  2. by   oh.hello
    does anyone know the starting paying for a new grad in st. petersburg, florida?
  3. by   spcrn
    oh-hello - About 21.50 for Bayfront Medical Center. About 22.50-23.50 for Baycare. It varies depending on where you start out.
  4. by   spcrn
    oh-hello - Approximately $21.50-23.50. It varies depending on where you start.
  5. by   reebokHCFR
    Baycare $24.24, + $3.50 evenings/$5 nights.
  6. by   JenRN12
    I currently work as a new grad with a BSN at Orlando health for 22.50 an hour, not including weekend diff.
  7. by   Tiffyesteban
    Where are you working??
  8. by   Tiffyesteban
    Quote from Mrsearly2009
    I am a new LPN grad in Orlando and I just got a job offer for $20 an hour plus a $2 shift differential for working weekends.
    Where are you working?
  9. by   KinkyKurlyRN
    I make $25/hr with a night diff of $2.50 and weekend at $4.50
  10. by   Cahoon BSN RN
    Does anyone have any info on the pay from any of the hospitals on the Treasure Coast? Martin Memorial, PCL, any others?? Thanks
  11. by   marriedtoRN
    Does anyone know the pay scale for RN at Sarasota Doctors Hospital?. Since they have joined the Nurse Union, the pay scale should be published, correct?
  12. by   cookiemonsterpower
    Miami florida anyone????
  13. by   Paphina
    Base should be approx $23.50. I work at their sister hospital in Bradenton and that's our rate.