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  1. Preceptor available

    Acute care only. Cookeville, TN. Inpatient admissions, discharges, follow-ups. Wide variety including medicine, cardiology, pulmonology, general surgery, orthopedic surgery, oncology, neurology, neurosurgery, and vascular surgery. Student should wear...
  2. Acute Care NP in Primary Care

    Sick of shift work, ER, etc. There was an opening that looked pretty good in primary care so I was considering it. But the pay likely wouldn't have been enough.
  3. Acute Care NP in Primary Care

    Any Acute Care NPs move to primary care? I'm considering it for various reasons. No office experience to speak of other than minimal time during clinicals at a Cardiology office. Thanks.
  4. the exams, when I took them, were at any testing center (pearson vue), and were multiple choice. the number varied but I think they were all 100+. I used studygroup101 and studied non stop. Study Guides
  5. chances are everything I knew about excelsior has either changed or I've forgotten.
  6. Question about sg101 material for Reproductive Health

  7. Question about sg101 material for Reproductive Health

    sorry for the late response. each sg101 usually has a main study file. it's usually the biggest one and you will know it when you see it. in the case of repro, it looks like they have it split into 5. I also highly recommend the "need to know" (or so...
  8. How bad is microbiology through EC?

    exam. whatever my library had. one was cliffs notes micro, don't remember the other.
  9. How bad is microbiology through EC?

    I used studygroup101, the excelsior practice exams and a couple library books.
  10. Florida BON approved ARNP or AGNP programs

    from what I'm reading, the school has nothing to do with it as long as you can get certified. For Certification as a Advanced Registered Nurse Practitioner, the requirem...
  11. The College Network

    I know about 8 people who signed up with them and they all regret it. including the guy who gets it free because he got so many people to sign up. if you want it that bad just buy the binders off ebay. the only benefit I can think of to it is the rem...
  12. Microbiology!

    I used the powerpoints from sg101, the excelsior practice exams and a couple books from my library. I basically studied the powerpoints from sg101 and practice exams and used the books to clear up parts I didn't understand.
  13. FNP in ER

    based on what I see, you should get your light ready for pelvic exams, your hands ready for sutures, and your prescription pad filled out for zofran.
  14. I don't recommend it due to the cpne.
  15. Advance diagnostics & procedures

    sorry, some people refer to uni of san fran as usf. I was just curious as I am applying to the acnp program at usf tampa.