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has anyone enrolled in the inaugural accelerated bsn class that started january 2009? what are your impressions so far? thank you, topcat... Read More

  1. by   NATO
    Good luck for you.
  2. by   RosesRN
    The school is in a business complex...a one story tall building, new. The building is split into two...Reminton has half and another business the other half (it looked like the other business was empty or just remodeling or something). It is surrounded by a large, mostly empty parking lot. When you walk into the doors it is very new, tall ceilings, there is long kind of narrow hall, on the left are all the admin offices, library (mostly empty but they are growing it, it also has lots of flat screen tv/computers for group projects.), and a small kitchenette for students with a vending machine and a large fridge and microwave (faculty and staff have their own kitchen). On the right side there are several classrooms, long rows of tables with comfy looking office chairs. The front of the classroom seemed to be elevated, white boards, etc. There was at least one, maybe two simulation labs, just as large as the classrooms with the robot people and different types of medical machines. Everything is modern, new and very nice, Extremely tall ceilings. You would feel very legit going to this school. i think the school will pump out very experienced nurses. I know here in Charleston, the graduates from the RN program at Trident, a technical college are thought to be much better new nurses than the grads from a bachelor program at the more prestigious MUSC. During the second quarter I think we have one or two 12 hour clinicals. The clinical time keeps increasing throughout the third and fourth quarters until you not spending much time in class during the 4th quarter.

    i hope i get in!! i am waiting for my final grades then I will send them in, I got an A in Micro, A in Chem, A or B in Human Growth and Dev, and B in Statistics.....

    I hope this last year of taking prereq classes pays off!
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    Hello guys and gals, I just had my interview the other day and I was extremely nervous because I really want to get in this program. I can tell that its going to be a great program, and very intense. The director of admissions has a lot of experience in nursing and seems to be very passionate about the program. The January class has a total of 17 students, but I am guessing way more students know about the program now as I am just finding out about it myself. For the July class they are going to accept may be 30-50 people. We are supposed to hear back from them in mid-June. Well, I can't wait to here back from them so I can start preparing. I am still finishing up 1 prereq so I won't even be considered until that's done, but I am praying that I will get in for the July class.
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    Hi Folks,

    Just joined this group and thought I would throw in my 2.5 cents worth. I have applied to the Remington program and was pleased to be called to schedule an interview for Monday May 11th. This will be a second career for me having a BS in Zoology and a Masters in Biochemistry and Physiology. In addition, had a chance to spend a few minutes with the President a few weeks back, was pleased with the conversation and think that this will be a great program for the right individual. With any luck, I will see some of you in the July class. I also had a chance to speak with some of the students in the first class and was pleased with what I heard as well. Anyone want to chat or set up a conference call to talk about our experiences in the process, I can facilitate that. Just pop me a PM and I will set up a forum for us.

    Kindest regards and luck to all!!!!
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  5. by   9livesRN
    Hello all, I am not going at Remington,

    - I am a Keiser -RN student, I just wanted to stop by and say hello, I have had the chance to meet a few of you on clinicals!

    - I met a few of you that were on clinicals on Central Florida Regional - Sanford.!!!

    i like the fact that you guys get to wear polos instead of scrub-tops!!!

    well great luck to yall!!!

    see ya around the hospitals!!!

    btw - i was comuting davenport - sanford

    from polk - osceola - organge - seminole - volusia!!!

    what a long drive!!!

    hope i don't have to go that far anymore!
  6. by   NewFlRN
    Had my interview yesterday. Seemed to be productive. They are on track with notifying folks in mid June. Orientation is July 13,14; then school starts on July 25th.

  7. by   agoode0305
    I have an interview tomorrow! What sort of questions were asked? Thanks!
  8. by   TopCat1234
    Quote from topcat1234
    hello all!

    i will be interviewing tomorrow so i'll report back my findings.

    i actually woke up with a terrible cold last week and had to cancel my interview at the last minute. it is rescheduled for tomorrow, well today, now that it's after midnight.

  9. by   PrincessO
    Quote from topcat1234
    i actually woke up with a terrible cold last week and had to cancel my interview at the last minute. it is rescheduled for tomorrow, well today, now that it's after midnight.

    ah, sorry to here that topcat. i hope you get better soon.
  10. by   NewFlRN
    Hey Folks,

    A few details on my interview....interesting questions on handling stress, discussions of what I thought nursing really was about. Discussions of goals beyond school. Weaknesses and strengths.

    Over to you!!!

  11. by   jeshat49
    i am in the inaugural class at remington college. when i initially considered remington i was a very hesitant because of tuition cost and accreditation. before starting at the school i met with various faculty and asked them about their educational and career backgrounds as well as how smoothly they anticipated the accreditation process to go and within what time frame they expected accreditation to be granted. because of their levels of experience, involvement in other well know bsn programs and the confidence with which they answered accreditation questions, i felt safe investing in a degree from remington. the tuition is still very high. 30k. my rationale was that the other program i was considering would have taken twice as long for me to finish, therefore attending remington would allow a years worth of nursing income when i would have otherwise been completing the 2 year program. i added up all the expenses of the other 2 year program, tuition, supplies, books etc etc and the final difference in cost was approx. 15k which i could have easily compensated for during my first year nursing. at remington, everything is covered in your tuition, which make things easier, yes and more expensive. other concerns.... when they say accelerated, they are not kidding. my bs was in molecular biology and microbiology and i worked close to full time and tutored during my bs. this program is more time consuming and stressful than any of my 4 years at ucf. plan on isolating yourself for a year. the first quarter just ended and the second quarter is a little better. i actually have time to see people outside of school, husband, family etc. still no time for friends. the vp of our school recently informed us that we will be have accreditation visits soon and they expect full accreditation shortly after we sit for the nclex and i believe her. the school is very on point. our class size is only 17. two dropped out by the third week because they couldn't hang. the staff at our clinical rotations seem to be impressed with our level of knowledge. also, our clinical instructor seem to be really popular at the hospital which opens door for us to see things we ordinarily wouldn't see on the floor. the faculty is great and you get a lot of direct attention. overall, i am very happy i'm at remington. based on the number of visiting student i see, if you are interested i would try to apply soon and take advantage of the fact that the school is still relatively unknown. i think it will become competitive soon. sorry to be so lengthy, i hope this was helpful!
  12. by   NewFlRN
    Thanks for the details, are quite helpful. I have visited the school several times, perhaps I saw you there...were you at the open house in April? I am one of the ones waiting to hear if accepted, hope to see you there and thanks again for the detailed info.

  13. by   julwh
    Does anyone know when the next class will be after the July acceptance? Will it be January 2010?