Preceptorships in the NICU in Miami

  1. HI I am very stressed right now because I don't know how to look for hospitals that offer preceptorships in Miami. I was wondering if anyone knew which hospitals offered it or if there were any hospitals in Miami who are hiring NICU nurses with no experience. I am interested in Miami Children's but have not found such information.

    *I would also like to know what the average starting salary for a neonatal nurse is in Florida.

    Please Help!
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  3. by   NurseLatteDNP
    Bumping it, so maybe you can get an answer.
  4. by   Ms. RN'02
    I'm not in Miami, but, I may be able to help. Why dont you try contacting the NICU's of hospitals in the Miami area and find out who the nurse managers of those units are. Then contact that person directly and see if they offer internships/preceptorships. I worked in an NICU in Orlando right out of nursing school so the rumor that experience is needed to get into NICU is simply just a rumor. However, you will have a long orientation. HTH!
  5. by   blueberry21

    they have openings in the nicu

    baptist has level iii

    all the rest of the hospitals in the baptist health system are level ii, i think.

    baptist and south miami hospital are magnet hospitals.

    entry level rn, i think...starts around $21-22 plus shift dif.
  6. by   BaByLoVeR18
    Thanx Whicholdwitch? The site really helped a lot. It seems that most of the hospitals I look into are looking for someone with experience though.
  7. by   blueberry21
    I do know of a nurse that was hired right into the NICU as a new grad. Keep in mind she has worked there for 13 yrs now. From what I understand, that is still possible. I think all new grads/new hires go thru a 3 month precept and then apply to the unit where they want to go. If hired at that unit, they undergo additiional precept. in that unit for addtl. amount of time. I am trying to collect information on this as go. I will graduate in 12/07, and Im possibly interested in the NICU.....
  8. by   suzanne4
    Hosptials that offering preceptorships now, may not be doing so when you finish. And there amy be some that will be doing it by then.

    Focus on at least getting to your last year of school, you may even find something that interests you more.
  9. by   nsgshortage
    Whatever you do, STAY AWAY FROM NORTHSHORE MEDICAL in Miami.

    A poorly run, urban clientele hospital.

    Management is the worst.
  10. by   Mechi
    Miami Children and Jackson Memorial are teaching hospitals #1 .I will asure you they have Varsant residency or preceptorship training while you are learning.Make sure you call them but i know people that just transfer to them because they learn more in a teaching settings.