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Ms. RN'02 has 4 years experience and specializes in NICU, Case Management.

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  1. Ms. RN'02

    Nurse Life Care Planner-marketing strategies

    I was looking information on independ case management and life care planning a couple of days ago and ran across this company's site: http://www.lcplanning.com/sampleplan.html It's a sample life care plan. Hope this is useful to you. Ms. RN
  2. Ms. RN'02

    Ready to be an Entrepreneur

    Ok thanks! I know quite a few pediatricians from home health, so maybe I'll start there. I'm hoping some nurses in this business will chime in as well.
  3. Ms. RN'02

    Ready to be an Entrepreneur

    Thanks. I have narrowed down my ideas and have decided I'm going to do independent pediatric case management. I'm still doing lots of research. I think there is a great need for complex case/care management for pediatics in my community, especially for those patients who aren't receiving home health. I haven't heard of many nurses going in this area of entrepreneurship, are there any out there?
  4. Ms. RN'02

    Ready to be an Entrepreneur

    Wow I'm pretty disappointed that there's been 23 views of this thread but no responses. Does anyone know of any other nursing forums that are more active?
  5. Ms. RN'02

    Ready to be an Entrepreneur

    Hello all! I've decided I want to start my own business and have been browsing this board for quite some time now. My background is in NICU and pediatric home health. Currently I'm a case manager for a major insurance company. I want my business to incorporate case management and my background of nursing. I'm thinking that would be considered a nurse consultant but I'm not sure. What are the functions of a nurse consultant? And what are some ideas for a business that incoporates NICU and peds home health? I also have an interest in the HIV/AIDS population in my area considering the number of people living with the disease in my community. Any help from the entrepreneurs on this board is greatly appreciated. TIA!!
  6. Ms. RN'02

    Seeking Nurse career/job consuling

    Have you thought about going into nurse entrepreneurship or independent nurse consulting? You can check out the Entrepreneurs in Nursing Forum here on allnurses: https://allnurses.com/forums/f56/
  7. Ms. RN'02

    Pre-Nursing Student

    Sorry I'm not in Miaimi, I'm in Orlando. The University of Central Florida has an accelerated nursing program for people holding a non-nursing Bachelor's degree. I'm sure if you check out the University of Miami or Barry University they have the same programs. I'm pretty sure Barry does. Hope this helps.
  8. Ms. RN'02

    McKesson Job Opportunity

    Hi Erin. I really appreciate your honesty. I'm working with an agency, and haven't even had an interview yet. According to the agency, they still work with medicaid/medicare patients and are sizing out the number of patients and regions they are located in. After the agency told me that I got a little nervous and thinking it was going to be a huge number of patients. When I do get my interview I'll be sure to find out about those things you have mentioned. At this time I'm going to start sending my resume out to some workers comp companies. I'm not working right now and would love to work from home if possible. Thanks for the home office info, I just wanted to be sure there wasn't anything else I needed.
  9. Ms. RN'02

    McKesson Job Opportunity

    Thanks for your input you guys. Does anyone have any info on HIPAA comliance and home offices?
  10. Ms. RN'02

    McKesson Job Opportunity

    Hello All! I've been working with an agency that found me Community Based Disease Management position with McKesson. I'm going to do my own research on the company, but, was wondering if anyone has heard anything about them. Also, the job is a work from home type deal, which, I've never done. Does anyone have any suggestions in order to keep my home office HIPPA compliant? Or methods you have used to stay in compliance? Thanks in advance. I would really appreciate any info.
  11. Ms. RN'02

    high salary

    Yep, I figured, without reading the article that Florida would not do well in either. Despite the salary vs. cost of living issue, I won't be living FL. I'm a single-mom with my family and friends (support systems) very near. I've just learned to live within my means. Not to "toot my own horn", but, I'm doing quite well for myself. :)
  12. Ms. RN'02

    ROLL CALL - Case Managers!!!

    Hello all! I've been a case manager in the community/home health setting for about a year in the Central FL area. Actually, I'm going back into case management. For the past couple of months I've be a DON for a new home health agency(huge mistake). Aside from the good pay, I have no desire to continue in that capacity. I helped open the agency, passed the surveys from the state, but feel very disconnected from the office and staff. So back to case management I go! Wish me luck...I'm sending my resume(s) out to several companies in the area. Anyway nice to meet everyone.
  13. Ms. RN'02

    What's The Weirdest Name You've Heard A Patient Name Her Baby?

    When I was working in NICU we heard a lot of crazy or weird names. But the few I remember most was Female and twins named Ja Rule and Ashanti.
  14. Ms. RN'02

    Does your Nicu allow holding with UAC

    When I was a NICU nurse I never let a parent hold with a UAC in place. Instead I would let them do other things that got them involved in the care of their baby. This was a very common practice for most nurses on the unit.
  15. Ms. RN'02

    Preceptorships in the NICU in Miami

    I'm not in Miami, but, I may be able to help. Why dont you try contacting the NICU's of hospitals in the Miami area and find out who the nurse managers of those units are. Then contact that person directly and see if they offer internships/preceptorships. I worked in an NICU in Orlando right out of nursing school so the rumor that experience is needed to get into NICU is simply just a rumor. However, you will have a long orientation. HTH!
  16. Ms. RN'02

    Documentation question

    I got documentation/assessment forms samples from: www.briggscorp.com www.healthcareconcepts.com HTH!

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