LPN with no experience, no one wants to hire.

  1. So, I finally got my license, but no one is hiring. I've applied everywhere, from nursing homes to doctor's offices....nothing. Agencies don't want to even touch me without 6 months experience. How am I suppose to get experience if no one wants to hire me? This is very frustrating. Does anyone know of anywhere in the Tampa/Brandon area that will give newbies a chance? Thank you.
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  3. by   CherylRNBSN
    You cannot work agency without solid experience (a full year.) Nor should you want to, you need to be able to hit the ground running.

    Don't get discouraged, get persistent and creative. There are many threads on this site about how to do this.

    Don't give up on hopsitals, but focus on nursing homes and LTAC.

    I personally volunteered at a Hospice will I was waiting for an acute care position.
    They served as a reference for the acute care job I landed (and I only did it for a few months). My interviewer loved the fact that I had volunteered...

    Good luck, it will happen.
  4. by   Ivyblue
    OK, thank you.
  5. by   murse301
    trust me, alot of us "rookies" feel the same way. Everyone i talk to tells me this same advice"keep on truckin ! " soooo keep on truckin !
  6. by   nats2012
    Try keystone health and rehab in kissimmee fl, they hire new grads all the time
  7. by   NursesNeedFriendsToo
    Yes, apply to PSA healthcare. THey are hiring LPNs right now. THis is what you can expect:
    submit application online. they will call you and offer you an invitation to their assessment center. you show up (you can wear scrubs)
    you learn about the company and they have you watch videos about company. Then, they ask you "what can you offer the company" - it's an interview (group and informal)
    Then, if you like what you see- a clinical person comes in. You watch a video about CPR (then she watches you do CPR) then you watch a video on changing a mickey/minnie. then she watches you do it.
    Then you take a test. then, if they like you they offer you a certificate of completion and then you get to find out your pay.

    THEN! you have to get a background check and all of that stuff. HAVE YOUR REFERENCES available...the paperwork requires 3 and they will call them before you move forward.

    They train you and will not send you to a house with a child that you can't care for. Good luck
  8. by   rifetamenkovic11
    Quote from nats2012
    Try keystone health and rehab in kissimmee fl, they hire new grads all the time
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  9. by   BrendaH84
    what is a mickie and minnie
  10. by   Blackcat99
    A mic-key is a G-tube used for babies and children. PSA pays LPN's $15 an hour.
  11. by   BrendaH84
    to the original poster, did you ever get a job?
  12. by   Anonymous25
    Interim healthcare in Brandon hires lpns but u need iv certification.