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Hi all, I applied to the nursing program at HCC for spring 2010 and I was wondering if there is anybody who might have done the same thing. At this point I'm extremely anxious trying to find out if I... Read More

  1. by   2011nurse

    That does not include tuition. Tuition was about $1000. So $1800 total so far.

    The clinical calcations book does come in the box; however, I purchased an older edition, 5th edition on ebay for like 6 bucks with shipping and studied out of that and passed with no problem, so you could do that if you aren't able to buy the box yet.
  2. by   IKnowYouRider
    Looking on Ebay now......is Joyce Lefever Kee one of the authors listed for the Clinical Calculations books?
  3. by   2011nurse
    Yep, Joyce LeFever Key is one of the authors.

    Clinical Calculations: With Applications to General and Specialty Areas by Joyce LeFever Kee, Sally M. Marshall
  4. by   mag90
    I just looked and they have it on amazon. Do you think it's too early to buy our books? I would like to buy them now, but it seems like HCC is always changing their required books. I would hate to spend all that money on the nursing books package only to have them change the books.
    2011nurse, did most of the students wait until after orientation to buy their books? Thanks for taking the time to answer all of our questions!
  5. by   2011nurse
    I would wait until after orientation. Everyone waited to buy the books because they were not in the bookstore yet. Also, there were some edition changes from the previous semester, so there is a possibility you may have different editions than us. I would not get anything except the calculations book if you want to start early on the math. As I mentioned, it is in the box though, so if you buy the books at the bookstore in the package they sell them in, you will have two copies. I would get an older edition if you can find one really cheap so you don't have to buy it twice at full price. Once you know who your instructor is, maybe you can follow up with them about the book list and confirm what is needed if you want to buy them early. Hope this helps!!

    No problem answering questions. I remember what it was like to be in your shoes and wanting advice/info!! So ask away.
  6. by   mag90
    Thanks for the info! I found the book used online at Barns and nobel. Only $6.00 including shipping! It's the fith edition and comes with a CD.
  7. by   skad33
    wow, great find! kmarie89 ~ i just went online & the cheapest is $18.95.

    I just bought the Potter/Perry book from an hcc graduate. For $20... she gave me this Fluids&Electrolytes book + the Potter/Perry textbook + study guide. She said she just wanted to help someone starting out.
  8. by   Lizzanne
    Hi I just got my acceptance letter for the Spring Semester, so if anyone has valuable advice I would love to hear it. Thanks!
  9. by   messa2122
    All right i just turned in my acceptance letter. Cant wait to see what class i am in!
  10. by   lactnet
    Hey all, I turned my acceptance letter in but am wondering if they post it to the "my docs" section or what. I'm afraid if they don't receive it. Though I drove it out and put it in the drop box instead of mailing it. If anyone has a change to their webadvisor section please let me know.
    Thanks in advance.
  11. by   DXJoe
    Can anyone tell me what the attendance policy is? I know it's not ideal, but I will be working full time and already know of one week in February that I will be out of town on business. Please advise.
  12. by   lactnet
    Try posting this message to the Fall 2009 group. They would know. But I've heard you can't miss more than 2 classes but this is just rumor info
  13. by   lactnet
    no updates to my doc section but my check cleared! From now on i will include a self-addressed post-card acknowledging that they have received my documents.

    Now eagerly awaiting Nov. orientation!