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Hi all, I applied to the nursing program at HCC for spring 2010 and I was wondering if there is anybody who might have done the same thing. At this point I'm extremely anxious trying to find out if I... Read More

  1. by   UM Review RN
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  2. by   lactnet
    OK sorry about that to all.
  3. by   lmt2000
    Ok so this is probably a dumb question, but I need to know the answer so I can prepare. Is nursing school tuition the same per credit hour as regular credit hours at HCC?
  4. by   lactnet
    good question. I'd love to see the response for this. we had to pull student loans based on the 7000 that is quoted in the program page.
  5. by   birthing742
    I'd love to know that too! It seems to good to be true.
  6. by   Unzie
    Yes it is....I paid $1013 for the 10 credits and a lab fee. Have not bought the book yet but they will be around $500-$600 (or so ive been told)
  7. by   skad33
    That letter is due back today, but I never received mine. I called the department and they let me email my preferences. Anyone not get theirs?
  8. by   bdorsey30
    Have you taken the pharmacology class yet?
  9. by   skad33
    So.. another letter was mailed out to applicants stating that the committee will meet in September. Again, I did not get this letter in the mail. Am I the only one that HCC keeps on missing when sending out letters?
  10. by   beverlymh
    i haven't gotten that letter yet. i did get the campus choice one though. hopefully my letter is on its way!
  11. by   lactnet
    no your not the only one. I never received the campus choice one. I just made a copy of a friends and sent it in. I still think it's completely wrong to make us wait until the end of sept to hear anything. I'm taking a math class to try and raise my gpa this fall- wish i really knew if I had to take it.
  12. by   keebnblondie
    I haven't received the letter yet either. I can't believe it takes so long for them to decide.
  13. by   kacosta4
    I hate the wait! So we will find something out in September that's better then what I have heard. Late October to a few weeks until classes actually start. I'm crossing my fingers. In the meantime I am taking an EMT-B program at Southshore...anyone else?