Florida Nursing students. Whats my best option???

  1. Hey you guys I'm in my senior year of high school and I'm also graduating early in January. I want to become a RN but I just really can't decide on where is the best place for me to go. I'm thinking about going to a technical school (either ATC or Sheridan) but the thing is I can't choose which one will be best. I heard a lot of good things about ATC's LPN program and that a lot of hospitals like hiring people who graduated there but people say the program at Sheridan is a bit easier. What I'm also confused about is that the prices. On Sheridan's website they say the program will be around $4,200 and on ATC's website its over $6,000!!!!! O_o also once I'm done with the LPN program I plan to transition to BCC and do the LPN to RN program. What I'm sure is how long that program is and also I want to know if will I be able to transfer right into the program or do I have to the normal first two years of college (core classes) before I can go in. I'm so confused :'( so is there any Atlantic Tech Center/ Sheridan tech center students here? Why is Sheridan so much cheaper that ATC???? Do you guys think I should just forget about going to a technical school and just go straight to BCC? But will I finish faster with going to a technical school and then transfer?Please help
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    Your post has been moved to the Florida State Nursing Programs forum with the goal of boosting the number of responses. Good luck to you!
  4. by   FDW630
    I would just skip the tech schools and go to BCC for your ADN. That is you goal..ADN...right? Go for it! No reason to take the winding path there if you have a straighter option.
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    Hi! I'll be going to ATC in December. I started a thread if you havent seen it https://allnurses.com/florida-state-...et-778529.html

    I didn't hear too many good things about Sheridan. So I'll be going to Atlantic. I don't know why there's a price difference.

    As for transferring to BCC you will still have to do their core classes before you start. Like anatomy, microbiology, some maths. Things like that. And the LPN to RN program starts every may I believe. Just once a year. I believe the program is 14 months.
  6. by   WWTucker
    If you transfer into BCC with your LPN you still have to complete the core classes. I know in my A&P classes I had a few LPN's in each. As far as the BCC Palm Bay RN program goes it is around 20 months, 5 semesters. I assume the same is for the Cocoa campus except it starts in August. My program is from Jan 2013 until the end of the summer in 2014. Not sure this helps much but I would advise taking at least the Biology, Microbiology, A&P 1,2 starting a program. From what I can tell by looking at my books a base knowledge will help.
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    I would say focus and just go straight for the RN because if you go the route of the LPN then you have to work for at least two years before you can complete the bridge program at BCC.
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    If you can while in HS do dual enrollment, take your prereq for FREE!! Broward College (BCC) you dont have to wait you just need your LPN license to do the bridge.
  9. by   FutureFLRN2014
    Quote from LegacyJS
    If you can while in HS do dual enrollment, take your prereq for FREE!! Broward College (BCC) you dont have to wait you just need your LPN license to do the bridge.
    I'm sorry I was referring to the local college for my area; Brevard Community College. But that is great info that I didn't think of! Get as much free college coursework as possible!
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    I am a grad of the Sheridan LPN program and I was very pleased with the education I received. I was prepared for the workforce and it gave me a great basis to build upon. I am almost done with the LPN -RN program and Broward College. I know it may be a bit longer to go this route and yes there are still prerequisites to take before being accepted for your local college's RN program but if you want to get your feet wet-this is the way to go.
    I got great practice as an LPN and many employers like an RN with this experience!
    As far as ATC, i do not know how they are but if you are considering them, make sure you check to make sure they are fully accredited. Some private programs are not. Hope that helps and the best of luck to you!!