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  1. LegacyJS

    Feuer Review

    Hello I would like to know if anyone has taken Feuer Review recently? Was it helpful? I see they have one coming up in NY I'm debating taking the review course. Thank you
  2. LegacyJS

    Broward College Nursing Program August 2016

    I have a friend who has some of the books, and new lab coat for sale. Let me know if anyone is interested.
  3. LegacyJS

    Miami Dade College Spring 2016 nursing program admission

    I've heard doctor 365 in plantation has good prices.
  4. LegacyJS

    RN generic full Time fall 2014- Miami dade college

    Hi guys. I'm not sure how many students usually take the test, but today they said it was the largest group. My friend said 1st room was full to the max, the 2nd room had 1 row open thats it. She also said a lot of people were in admission and it seems a lot were applying for bridge.
  5. LegacyJS

    RN generic full Time fall 2014- Miami dade college

    So best way to study for this test is to study the book inside out? R u Happy with your score?
  6. LegacyJS

    Broward College Nursing May 2014

    when is the deadline to apply?
  7. One year for LPN-RN or LPN-BSN? schools?
  8. LegacyJS

    MDC Nursing spring 2014

    @miri thank you i received your private message :)
  9. LegacyJS

    Alright, I'll start! MDC Fall 2013

    Oh ok I thought they had a BSN without getting the asn first. How many semesters is it?
  10. LegacyJS

    Alright, I'll start! MDC Fall 2013

    MDC offers ASN and BSN?
  11. I got my letter late, for some reason it was returned to them as undeliverable Anyhow i am pushing it back to march. I'm just not 100% sure i want to do LPN as my long term goal is the BSN. So i am debating just going straight to the RN, plus i need so get more money as i cant get money for school.
  12. Its weird the vocational schools are on there but nursing is not listed, this may be a mistake. Try contacting them and see if you qualify. http://www.wf1broward.com/JobSeeker/MoneyForTraining1.htm
  13. There is also a program thru workforce not sure if thats the same thing. You can rent your books or buy your books on amazon you should be able to save about 50%
  14. Oh perfect Thanks!!
  15. Did you guys have to attend orientation at Atlantic as well? Do you know their orientation schedule? Hoping I can do it all in one day :)
  16. OK. When i got the email, i replied i thought it was m-f LOL and she replied the exact same line. I may still submit my paperwork there just in case mcfatter does not have space for me.