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Just curious. I want to start LPN school but so far the only one in Orlando is Orlando Tech in Downtown. Does any one know of any other LPN schools that are only 1 year to 18 months?... Read More

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    Luv4nursing, so you mean to tell me that Lpns can make a little more than 40,000.a year?
    Haaa, lol @ the little man praising! lol
    Yes, u can, Im living proof! And Im the lazy one among the group of my fellow classmates bc I wasnt ambitious enough to go make at least 2 or 3 more bucks an hour to work in LTC and bust my butt. Some of them make well over 20 bucks an hour, Ive heard up to $24/hr thru agencies (more than a new grad RN will make!). One of my best friends from LPN school told me he makes $22.50/hr at the nursing home where he works. But he says u earn every penny in LTC.

    I only make $16.50 at my peds home health agency but my job is so easy I think its a great deal. I get to hang out all day/night on my laptop, watching tv, on the phone, etc. If you find a good case where u feel comfortable and the family is nice you will have it made. My main case even lets me sleep (shhhh dont tell anyone) when I work overnight. They know I go to school and stuff so they dont mind as long as I get up to do whatever needs to be done (turning, changing, meds, suction, etc). They consider me part of the family lol. The only downside to this is after a while when u get to close they think they own u...so it gets hard to take time off, drop days from your schedule, etc. But overall, 16.50 to basically show up sounds good to me. I do meds and treatments, bath and dress my patient, suction them, turn and change them, etc. Over 12-16 hrs I probably work 2 hours. Of course I talk to my patient, etc, in between...we have a great relationship...she is all smiles when she sees me.

    Now, a couple of my other cases I work sometimes are with little ones (under 2) and they require more time and attention when they are awake bc they are active. But they are fun to play with and cuddle. I know Im in for a rude awakening when I get my RN and go work in the hospital....lol. Ok, so I averaged out that if u made 16.50 (and my agency will pay up to $20 or so depending on the acuity of the case)....and work an average of 48 hrs a week (48 easy hours might I add, u still get 3 days off!)....thats right at 45k/yr before taxes. Not bad, right?
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    here's where i went for my lpn 10 years ago and am now currently completing my rn through their transition program. its a great school but its expensive! i figure it will pay off in the first year though.
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    Hi Everyone, Im glad that these type of websites exist. This is a great way of communicating with people that have sort of the same similarities. :spin: Well Im from Miami, Fl and I wanted to start the LPN program because I have had a very hard time applying for the Acclerated RN Prgm, not enough avaiable seats!

    I decided that altough I have a BA in Health Administration that I was going to pursue my LPN, and than it should be way easier to get in the RN program. I had previously completed all the Pre-req i.e, Anatome, Microbilogy, Chemistry, and Human Deve., but this is the best route so far. Since Im not originally from FL Im from NYC, which moved out here about 3 months ago, I decided to enroll at Medvance Institute for the LPN prgm.

    Is there anyone that can let me know anything they have heard of that school? Its 16 months. Also wanted to know the pay salary for LPNs in FL.
    If anyone can help me with these question I can greatly appreciate it.


    hello, how are you? is Medvance charging more if you are not a resident?
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    no price is the same for everyone. $24k but you know Its worth it cuz the transition to rn should be easier...
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    Mindy you can purchase a TABE Test review book Level A at most book stores i bought one recently at barnes and noble for under $20 dollar and it really helped me pass the Tabe test. Author is McGraw Hills look for the lastest edition. Good luck to you.
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    There is an PN School in Winter Haven, FL. It is called Ridge Technical Center. I went there and the program is 11 months long. They are about to start their 4th year. The first and second years had 100% pass rates on the boards. The third year is getting ready to take boards any time. I'll keep you posted on the pass rate status. I was in the 2nd year. It was tough...but they teach it almost at an RN level. I for one have been very happy for that now that I am out working. Good luck finding the school you want!