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  1. Hi everyone! I'm brand new to this forum but very excited to be here. I have an associates degree in liberal arts with mostly science courses. My GPA is 3.0 I want to become a nurse and was wondering how to go about it. I was thinking I'll do the LPN course first and then do LPN-RN online as I have to work. Is this a good idea and what schools do you recommend in south or central florida for LPN courses. thanks guys.
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    So that you will accrue more responses, I'm moving this thread over to the Florida Nurses Forum. Good luck in your future pursuits!
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    Depends on a more specific idea of where you are located, I'm about to graduate from SFCC in Avon Park, I had researched many schools in the off chance I didn't get in SFCC but thankfully I did since it's the closest to me, what county in or larger cities are you by?
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    Thanks for responding!
    I will be living in the pompano area but i have family in orlando as well so schools in those areas would be ideal. Any advice will certainly be appreciated. What do you think of all the technical schools as opposed to community colleges. Do employers even care where you graduated from as long as you passed the nclex-pn?:spin:
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    I don't know if Ocala is too far for you to go but it is kinda central Fla. CFCC, Central Fla Community College, in Ocala has a daytime LPN program.
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    I think the program in Orlando is T.E.C.O. and it ran through the school board.
    Here's a website that lists all the nursing schools in Florida LPN/RN.
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    Thanks to everyone who responded to my query . Do u know what programs r best in broward county?
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    sorry I'm only familiar with programs in Highlands, Hardee & Polk county, looked at one in Okeechobee that was based out of Ft Myers, all the wrong side of the state, if you go to the FL state BON web site I think there's a place that has all BON accredited schools listed by county
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    You might want to go to the FLBON and check out the historical NCLEX pass rates for the schools you are considering. Just a thought.

    Good luck!
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    Hey supermodel...,
    I live in the Pompano area. Atlantic VoTech has an LPN program. I'm starting an RN program at Broward Community College (BCC) North Campus in January. BCC has an online RN program. This school doesn't have a waiting list. Students are admitted based on their pre-req GPA. I have included the links below:

    Atlantic VoTech:


    Good Luck! Welcome to South Florida!
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    Hi there!
    I'm in Broward County, I attended Sheridan Technical Center. I completed the LPN program in October of last year. I really recommend the school to anyone who is thinking of getting into the profession. I did see that you would be living in Pompano. Atlantic Technical is the sister school of Sheridan so I guess it is the same curriculum. I did have a few classmates that transferred from Atlantic, Broward, and Palm Beach Community Colleges. They all had their own little situations which caused them to transfer, but I can tell you this, they all completed the program at Sheridan. I am really glad that I did the LPN program instead of going right into the RN. It's a great opportunity to be able to get out into the field, make money, see what area you want to get involved in before you get specialized. I'm planning on going to BCC for the LPN-RN transition, I just have a few prereq's to finish, but after that it will only be about a year till my RN. So anyways, I'll quit the blabber-if you have any questions, let me know! Take care and happy school shopping! :spin:
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    You have all been so helpful. Thank you. For those of you that have or will take the lpn-rn route, has it been relatively easy to get into a college with your qualifications or do you feel it would have been best to have gone straight to rn and if so ASN or BSN?
    Thanks again guys!
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    First off, welcome to the forum!:an!: I suggest that you go for your LPN first then RN. Why don't you try and c if you can get into Robert Morgan Vocational Center? It's in Miami. As a matter of fact, I attend there myself. I'm 17 and I'm in high school and I am in Robert Morgan's Nursing program there. It only takes about a year. For us students still in hgh school, we do both the LPN progarm and take our high school course simultaneously. What you could do is check out the LPN program and find out if it's what you're looking for. Once you graduate from the course, you can then pursue your RN elsewhere. I really hope this helps. btw, what part of FL are you from?