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  1. supermodelnurse2b

    where to get cna training in south florida

    Hello everyone! I have decided to postpone my rn training for now and do cna then lpn then rn. I feel that this is the best route for me b/c i want to be as seasoned as possible. Could any of you floridians please tell me the most affordable yet quality programs for cna training in the fort lauderdale/miami area. I actually live in pompano/north lauderdale. Please help...much love!:redbeathe
  2. supermodelnurse2b

    Florida LPN Courses

    Hey! Could you tell me what it costs to do the LPN course at Atlantic or Sheridan technical? Thank you:bugeyes:
  3. supermodelnurse2b

    CNA in charlotte

    I'd like to know this as well, if you find out please let me know.
  4. supermodelnurse2b

    CNA Training in Charlotte, NC

    Does anyone know where I can get affordable training to become a CNA in Charlotte? I'll be living in Ballantyne. Thanks in advance!:icon_hug:
  5. supermodelnurse2b

    is it wise to do lpn first then rn online?

    Wow, this process is so fascinating. I feel lucky to have you guys to give me advice. Can someone in Charlotte tell me where to do my lpn so i can enroll in Excelsior right after completion. Much Appreciated!
  6. supermodelnurse2b

    employment options

    Hi everyone, I will be attending lpn school as soon as i move to charlotte next month. I will need to work at lease part time to take care of some of my needs. Any suggestions for where i should start looking? please be as specific as possible. thanks in advance.
  7. supermodelnurse2b

    is it wise to do lpn first then rn online?

    Thanks to everyone who has replied to me. You don't know how much I appreciate your replies. What I'd like to know however, is if after I've spent an intense year doing the lpn will I then be required to spend a semester doing pre-reqs to get into excelsior or another online lpn-rn program>
  8. supermodelnurse2b

    New to NC, looking to meet some people

    Hi, I will be moving to the Ballantyne area of Charlotte at the beginning of February. I'm migrating from Jamaica. I presently have a masters in Psychology but I'd like to enroll in Nursing school as soon as I get there to change careers. I'm also gonna be a newly wed as of Jan 27 and will be essentially starting a new life. I would love love love if there were some of you who were interested in networking with me. I don't have much to offer except I'm a great cook and good shopping buddy! I'm nervous and excited about the move...looking forward to hearing from you guys.:redpinkhe
  9. supermodelnurse2b

    Florida LPN Courses

    Thanks a million. Nurses rock!! For those who wanted to know btw I am in the fort lauderdale area but i'm considering moving to charlotte, north carolina due to the cost of living there and the weather isnt bad either. Any comments? bring em on...please.:redpinkhe
  10. supermodelnurse2b

    Florida LPN Courses

    You have all been so helpful. Thank you. For those of you that have or will take the lpn-rn route, has it been relatively easy to get into a college with your qualifications or do you feel it would have been best to have gone straight to rn and if so ASN or BSN? Thanks again guys!:w00t:
  11. supermodelnurse2b

    is it wise to do lpn first then rn online?

    Hi everyone! I am considering doing a 12 month LPN course and then do an online lpn-rn course, while i work as an LPN. Have any of you taken this route and is it a good idea? I will be moving to Charlotte, North Carolina so any advice related to this state will be immensely appreciated. Thanks in Advance!:bow:
  12. supermodelnurse2b

    Florida LPN Courses

    Thanks to everyone who responded to my query . Do u know what programs r best in broward county?
  13. supermodelnurse2b

    Florida LPN Courses

    Thanks for responding! I will be living in the pompano area but i have family in orlando as well so schools in those areas would be ideal. Any advice will certainly be appreciated. What do you think of all the technical schools as opposed to community colleges. Do employers even care where you graduated from as long as you passed the nclex-pn?:spin:
  14. supermodelnurse2b

    Florida LPN Courses

    Hi everyone! I'm brand new to this forum but very excited to be here. I have an associates degree in liberal arts with mostly science courses. My GPA is 3.0 I want to become a nurse and was wondering how to go about it. I was thinking I'll do the LPN course first and then do LPN-RN online as I have to work. Is this a good idea and what schools do you recommend in south or central florida for LPN courses. thanks guys.