Fastest Option for LPN to CRNA in Florida

  1. Hi everyone!

    I've just started LPN school at Miami Dade College this past August and I'll be done in December of 2011. My final goal is to be Nurse Practioner/CRNA but I'd like to have a set plan. What would be the fastest way to get my degrees? Should I stick with MDC for the long haul(lpn-rn-bsn- "msn somewhere else")? Or should I consider an online option? Any advice is welcome.

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  3. by   azcna
    From what I have heard about CRNA programs, you need to have at least one year of ICU experience to apply. So I would get your RN & BSN, try to get into ICU and then start applying for schools. I have also heard that they are extremely competitive, so make extra sure to keep your grades high
  4. by   lifelearningrn
    Don't get too far ahead of yourself.. take it one step at a time. Programs change and your goals may change. I've read that in a few years, you'll need to have a doctorate degree to be a NP.. so you likely have a lot of time ahead of you. Wait to see what programs are as you are finishing each step.

    Focus on getting through LVN school with great grades right now!
  5. by   Student4_life
    If are looking for speed it may be more beneficial to go right for a BSN. Less application processes to delay you and fewer chances that you will have to repeat a course due to schools not accepting previously earned credits.
  6. by   shaas
    Simply put,

    LPN -> RN -> BSN -> MSN (basic route)

    LPN -> RN (BSN or RN through Entry-Level or bridge program MSN) -> Gain 1+ year Critical Care Experience -> MSN (CRNA)

    *RN with MSN can also apply to CRNA program, which will result in two MSN degrees.

    Stick with your school (I'm assuming it's a 4-year institution for offering a BSN), given that you get admitted into their BSN.

    There may be some variables (type of classes, to cite one) along the way that you may not have expected to take or need to take for another program. So, plan carefully and stick to them. Do thorough research of admission standards of the schools to which you plan to apply.

    I cannot shake the feeling that you are a little bit ahead...counting the chickens before they hatch, so to speak. But, I like that you are actually planning.

    Just make certain you excel academically and clinically.

    Here are some links that I found helpful for me:* CRNA forum*/

    Best of luck!
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  7. by   aramis2121
    Thanks a lot for the comments. It's super helpful and reassuring. I know I seem like I'm getting ahead of myself but I suppose it goes with my personality. I'm very calculating and I need to stick to a plan to make things work.

    Miami Dade College offers an LPN vocational program as well as an ASN program and a Bridge ASN. The ASN program is highly competitive and my 3.6 GPA didn't cut it. I figured I'd take my chances and apply for the LPN then bridge into the ASN followed by their BSN and hopefully start working.

    Currently Miami Dade is talking about making a RN-BSN program but their chances of having it ready when I need to enroll are highly doubtful. So far I'm doing well in the program to point where I'm ready to pull my hair out from the extreme boredom. I've completed all of my pre-reqs and my time in class feels like it's being wasted since most of the courses are repeats of my pre-reqs for the ASN program. Other than that my hopes are high and goals are a long way down the road.

    I appreciate everyone's input. Thanks for the fantastic advice and clarifications they've really reinforced my careful planning. ^_^
  8. by   Canegurl07
    How is the Miami Dade program going so far? I'm looking for a LPN school to get into also.
  9. by   aramis2121
    It's going well so far. MDC is really going through changes and the LPN program was one of them. I'm kind of the new generation class setting up the stage for new LPN's. They've incorporated more hours since they weren't meeting regulation. I've also been granted priority into the RN bridge because of this extension.

    The program has 50 students and they hope to have a year program coming in 2012-2013. Only two professors are teaching 50 students and soon due to the incoming class will be one. Lectures are lectures, and clinicals are either done at JMH or the JMH nursing home and occasionally Aventura or Coral gables.

    What's most attractive to MDC is the price tag more or less $8,000.

    It's not mandatory but I'd recommend doing your sciences before you enter so you don't have to be taking anything else while completing this program. Plus it helps when you know what your learning about. I have an EMT background and it's a walk in the park for me so far.

    Good luck, I hope this is insightful.
  10. by   acl0727
    I agree with what everyone has mentioned. Go straight for your BSN so that you have the requirement to work in an ICU department, get your experience, don't forget you have to take the GRE. Most schools are looking for at least 1000, focusing more heavily on the math section than the verbal. Hope this helps!
  11. by   worthytosucceed
    I have special needs children in a school that doesn't offer bus transportation, so i couldn't take the full time LPN class. So while I took the part time-18 month LPN program, I also took 1, 2, sometimes 3 classes at the local community college to get get my pre-reqs finished for the fast track RN program.I passed my NCLEX-PN this past Thursday. i have 3 classes left that I'm taking this fall and I will be ready to apply for the RN program in January. This will start in the summer, so I will use the Jan-May (spring) semester to work on pre-reqs for my BSN, While working as an RN, I will take the fast track BSN our school has contracted with UCF and then I will apply to Florida College. That is the fastest way I could think of while still earning money for my family and using my skills to learn more and be a better nurse.
  12. by   tnbutterfly
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  13. by   Jmiami
    wow, a 3.6 gpa wasn't competitive enough to get into the traditional adn? I'm considering MDC as well. Did they let you take out federal loans for your LPN? I think I read on their site that the LPN takes 14.5 months, then from my understanding the bridge takes approx. 1 yr? How long did the traditional Generic ADN path take? I'm wondering what will be the most efficient course of action. My GPA is about where yours is and maybe going directly LPN to Bridge RN would be a faster route than applying and getting rejected. What is the time commitment each day/week for your current LPN program for class and study? 40 - 50 hrs/wk? I'm wondering if I could complete my pre-reqs (Anatomy, Chem, Micro) for the ADN while in the LPN program?