Broward College applicants for Fall 2009 - page 12

Did anyone already turn in there applications for Fall 2009 @ B.C.? because I am turning mine in next week before the deadline and now I have to wait AGAIN and keep continually looking at my e-mail... Read More

  1. by   fated
    it seems like the pts for this term is a little high. I hopefully I can get in with 9 points. It's a little border line. lol
  2. by   Smiley2334
    congratulations to all of those that have so far been accepted!!!!!

    what campus will you guys be choosing?? i'm having a hard time deciding between north and south...any advice?? i actually live closer to south campus but i hear north is better.
  3. by   GabbsRN
    I'm going to north, but I live closest to north. I hear its better, too, but I think no matter where you go its going to be hard and there are going to be horrible professors.

    Fated- I think its too early to figure out the point cutoff since not everyone had heard yet.

    Good luck to those of you still waiting.
  4. by   Danisax
    Central is the closest one for me, so I'm just gonna take the pain...I wanted to know when is the orientation going to be...does anyone know if it will only be in August?
  5. by   nursingstudentfall09
    Quote from kathzky
    My current status says: "Accepted" But I checked my BC e-mail account and there's no acceptance letter.. what should I do?
    how many points do u have. I have 10 do u think i have a chance
  6. by   fated
    Does anyone know when they will be done reviewing or changing the review status to accpeted?
  7. by   fated
    What is Accepted Into Limited Access Program
  8. by   jam911
    Quote from sunraygurl
    Jam- I think she meant deferring your seat to the next term after being accepted into the program.
    That was a close one
  9. by   jam911
    Quote from sunraygurl
    Jam- I think she meant deferring your seat to the next term after being accepted into the program.
    SMiley got accepted. so that means you should too she had 12 points and you have 13, Right... check your status
  10. by   fated
    I think i got accepted, I had 9 pts so don't worry. However, I don't know what Accepted Into Limited Access Program mean though so hopefully i got in
  11. by   reym519
    Finally, after all this time we know our status. Cograts to everyone that has been ACCEPTED. Even though we have not recieved an e-mail yet, it does not matter. The e-mail will come later, the most important part is that once you click on the LImited Access Icon you read, ACCEPTED. If you are still in disbelief, you can check your degree audit just to verify lol.
  12. by   jam911
    when i called last week they told me that 3.1 would get you in.. I cant apply till Mar-May 2010 :-( Need Chem
  13. by   RN2BFawnie
    i just remebered something. when i applied last time they sent us this email:

    dear nursing applicant.

    broward college's (bc) health science admission office reviewed your academic records. you can now view your application status by logging into your mybc account on the broward college website at

    1. log in to your mybc account using your student id# and your pin.
    2. then click on the ?limited access application status? icon located on the bottom left of your homepage.

    you will be able to view your health science application status and points received to be considered for admission.

    if you have questions or concerns please, email us at if you are selected for admission, specific instructions will be sent to your free bc email account by friday, february 13, 2009.

    thank you for choosing broward college.

    so maybe your status change is the first notification of acceptance.