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Hi and Congrats to all that starting the RN Accelerated/Part time/Full time/Transitional option this August 2009 at MDC! I have read tons of posts from prior years of former and present MDC RN... Read More

  1. by   swansonplace
    I am just starting my first semester at Dade. Could you give me some tips on how to handle Nursing Fundamentals especially the first exam. Also, how do I handle the other classes. That is do I need to do anything special. How are you doing now?
  2. by   calvana
    First thing Say goodbye to all of your friends, you will not be spending anytime with them until your break in Dec.
    Do alot of practice questions for fundamental exams, go to the success center, they are very helpful some of the tutors are students and they will give you good information. Print the power points and write down points as the teacher lectures on it. for me for the assessment class it is very important to have a study group, because you will have to practice on each other this helps if you are doing something wrong you all can help each other and figure it out. for skills vital signs is very easy buy a blood pressure pump it cost like 6 bucks and you can practice on family members taking blood pressure, ummmm for Pharm, the teacher gives very great reviews, just record her and listen back to the tape and also there are practice questions in the success center, also read i think it is chapter 3 in the pharmocology ati book thats what help me to figure out the calculations.

    Good luck!!!!!!!!! I am in my 3rd semester now whew!!!!! I have to tell you the most important thing for you to do is manage your time, every time you are done with one test, you have to start studying for the next one, you have no breaks!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  3. by   swansonplace
    Thanks for the heads up. I start today, and it's great to be able to prepare in the right way. Great you are on your third semester. Lots of work but worth it. Have is the job hunting going? Any suggestions on how to get a job?
  4. by   jessy2617
    guys i got my acceptance letter and i will be starting generic nursing at miami dade on spring 2011.. i still need to go to orientation im so exited! i have a question for those of you that are already in the program, did you guys turn in all your paperwork the day of orientation? or did you turn it in before?? i'm just making extra sure that i do everything right.. thx!
  5. by   swansonplace
    Have all of your shot paperwork ready, and sign up for the background check right away. As soon as you get all of the paperwork in and the background check email turned in, you will be able to register for classes and select the professors that you want. I like Ponce for fundamentals lecture and for clinical lab. Make sure for fundamentals you get a great instructor.Also, read chapters Nursing Process, Client Safety,Medical Asepsis, Mobility, and Wound Care before class. Read them for application.
  6. by   mirandabailey
    Congrats!!! try to get all of your vaccines and papers turned in just so you have it done, but it is not required the day of orientation they do give you a little time, but you will not be able to do any clinicals without your vaccines. Make sure you keep copies of EVERYTHING you turn in. They lost mine and several other students this semester and we were scrambling to get it back to them before clinicls started. Good luck!
  7. by   jessy2617
    ohh alright... its 'cuz i asked in the nursing station if i could turn it in before and they were all like... nooo turn it in at orientation and i didnt know if they wanted to get rid of me so i thought i'd ask someone that was already in the program... thank you so much for your help guys.. =)
  8. by   EagerToBeFNP
    Does anyone know which books we should keep from first semester for second, if any??
  9. by   iheartJRemyNP
    Quote from asimps13
    Hi!!! I currently go to Miami Dade College Nursing School at the Homestead I am in my second semester and if yall have ne questions feel free to ask!!! Some tips to help

    1.) If you are fulltime student, try not to work if possible!! I am fulltime and I work one day a week, sat, and usually a double (i am a waitress). It sucks because i would love that day to either study or relax. But only work if you have too!

    2.) Semester 1 is the hardest (at least it was for me) because everything is so new and the test taking strategies are so different!! Advice: practice nclex style questions before your first test and read for fundamentals!! Semester 2 is not as bad because it is more black and white but semester one is a gray area the whole time.

    3.) GET USED TO GETTING C'S FOR GRADES!! This is something I cannot overemphasize. OK, I am very anal about my grades and I have always been and I am sure most nursing students are! But please get used to making C'S and DONT GET UPSET if you do because you just have to remember that c is passing and that is what counts! Trust me, the first C you get will hurt but just remember that grades do not determine your knowledge or personal status so dont feel stupid if you do get a C or even below a c! Nursing is hard, and Miami Dade sucks sometimes because they are craming everything in your head in just four semesters, which doesent make things easier.

    4.) This is prob the hardest tip to do, but try not to compare your grades with other students!! This will either blow up your head or make you feel really stupid. I know it is human nature to compare ourselves with others but just try not too!! Trust me, I do it a lot but try not too because it either makes me feel 1.) jealous 2.) stupid or 3.) the smartest kid in the class and i hate those kinds of feelings because they can ruin friendships (which you desparately need in nursing school) or bite you in the butt.

    5.) Join study and your class will become very close throughout your monthes together and it is very helpful to join study groups and see different perspectives. I used to be a loner at studying and did not believe in study groups but they have helped my grades!! and they are fun

    6.) RELAX at times!! Always make time for yourself because if you dont you will go crazy!! Go exercise (really helps!!) or spend time at the pool,etc. Trust me, you will be very stressed out at times but it truly helps if you set some time out for yourself (at least an 30 min -hour a day) I know of some students who seriously study 24 hrs a day, and do they make better grades than me? Yes they do but they are always stressed out and not happy. I would rather pass with b's and c's and be happy than with a's and b's and kill myself with stress. Just remember, your RN certificate is the only thing that matters in the end!!

    hope this helps!! ne other questions just ask!!

    I am starting the RN-Transitional Program this Fall 2011 and I am so excited! The above post was just what I needed to remind me that I can do it!!! Thank you so much!!
  10. by   cassiepink14
    I just apply to the school but I am going for nursing. I want to know if you need to fill out another application for the nursing program itself. My Gpa is 2.87 .What are the steps I want start in January 2012.What test are they required. Thank you
  11. by   lovelyx3
    if you just applied to school then your gpa starts off at 0.00. For now concentrate on doing pre-req such as anatomy, chem, micro. the nursing application is after you finish all the requirements.