Anyone in the Jacksonville Area ??

  1. Anyone in Jax. attending FCCJ, UNF, or JU nusing school ?
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  3. by   alilar
    I attend FCCJ nursing program!!
  4. by   MikeinFl
    I am also in the FCCJ program.
  5. by   nole8302
    I am also in the FCCJ ADN program... currently in the 2nd term. (Adult Health 1).
  6. by   MuddaMia
    I am in my 5th semester at UNF
  7. by   Gretchen1105
    Bumping up this tread for any more information on UNF, JU, or the UF Jax program. I'm going to be taking my pre-reqs at FCCJ starting in May 2008 and then applying for the acclerated program at the three schools above. Thanks in advance!
  8. by   jnmoore02
    I'm finishing up my first semester at SJRCC. I'm not sure how the other program operates.
  9. by   MikeinFl
    UF just discontinued its accelerated BSN program along with the RN - BSN. It is posted on their web site. I spoke with the nursing advisor and there is no word as to if, or when, it may start again.
  10. by   np_wannabe
    A friend of mine went through JU's ABSN program and said it was costing her $25,000--if that's a consideration for you.
  11. by   Gretchen1105
    MikeinFL - I was unable to find that info, but interesting Thanks. I still have about a little under a year before applying to programs, have pre-reqs to complete first. So we will see what they are up to then.

    np_wannabe - Thanks for the info as well! JU is definally not my first choice as I know its a private university so of course more expensive. But if thats where I get in we will reconsider. The information is helpful.