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  1. by   LPNDebbie
    I am hoping to attend Galen in the evening starting in June. I too am attending Galen because of the waiting lists everywhere else and not on only the wait but Galen is convienent to travel to right after work. I have to attend now so I can get some sort of Grants for being a single mother. My daughter turns 16 in June so my time is running out. After my LPN school that will take 18 months, I need to jump right into Galen's RN class so I can get any last minute grants before my daughter turns 18.
  2. by   RN2BKD
    what was Galen's entrance test like, was it hard, and what was the required score....please give me some details on that

  3. by   LPNDebbie
    I won't know any of that until I take it but I will kepp you informed. I go this Weds to the information session and I am not sure what that covers. I will let you know what happens during the session also.
  4. by   RN2BKD
    thank you
  5. by   LPNDebbie
    Hi RN2BKD - I promised to get back with you after I had my info session at Galen today. An instructor talked about how to fill the application out, when classes start throughout the next year, day and evening times, costs, fees, entrance exam, etc. It all took 20-30 mins. It was me and another woman. She was an LPN going for her RN. She did not get her LPN through Galen but said that to obtain it, it was not hard, just need to know time management. I will try to take my entrance exam next week then right after that (if I pass) they will interview me the same day. Then it takes a week for them to determine if you are accepted or not. It's a private school so they cannot just take anyone who walks through the door. They want to make sure that the person is ready for this. Just a heads up, he also gave me a website to practice the math exam portion of the test which is I will keep you posted!
  6. by   LPNDebbie
    Quote from RN2BKD
    what was Galen's entrance test like, was it hard, and what was the required score....please give me some details on that

    sorry - the required score...minumun score is 162 and max is 204. They would like you to get at least 170 or higher. 20+ of these points are from the reading portion. It's a 1 hr test on paper.
  7. by   RN2BKD
    Thanks, I would have went myself to get the info but I live near the Miami area so I am trying to get as much info on this school before I make that big trip there....but thanks and keep me posted.
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    Quote from gabriella86
    I was doing a search on Galen and came across this thread. I actually go to Galen in Louisville, Ky. As for continuing on for the BSN, I know that here in KY the school has partnered up with other schools around here to go on for the BSN. No repeating classes or anything. This just started so maybe they did this recently at your campus to.
    What schools in Ky can you transfer to to get the BSN. Just curious because I plan on doing the LPN-RN bridge at Galen, and would eventually like to get my BSN. I'm currently getting my LPN at Spencerian, and with all the negative things I have heard about their RN program, I will be going to Galen next year.
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    I am half way done with Quarter 1 of the LPN program at Galen and I love it. Yes it is hard, but if you manage your time and study effectively you will do great. I have only had positive experiences and a quality education. Feel free to message me! There's my 2 cents.
  11. by   itsmejuli
    The public colleges do not accept Galen credits. You'll have to go through private colleges to get BSN such as U of Phoenix, U of Tampa, etc.

    I did LPN at Galen and chose to do the RN bridge at SPC because of the cost and ease of continuing to BSN. I also had a lot of pre-reqs completed that Galen wouldn't accept.
  12. by   studentinnursing
    Quote from CNAinTampa
    While there is no "wait list" at ptec it is ridiculously competitive to get into AND they only accept like 2 classes a year. So while there is no "wait list" it is still hard to get into-- NOT easy if you do not already have a medical background
    And St. Petersburg College Nursing program does not have a wait list either, but average acceptance GPA is 3.8, so depending on your GPA, wait lists are not always a bad thing.

    Interested in what you decided to do; I know this post is very old. Curious if you went with Galen or PTEC or . . .
  13. by   Scaramouche
    I am several years late to this conversation but someone may find this answer someday like I did.
    Galen does not have regional accreditation. They are still working on it (it can take many years). However, if you plan on moving out of state and wish to further your education, you can bridge your LPN to RN through the University of Phoenix (UoP).
    The UoP is accredited regionally and you can take those credits with you anywhere in the US.
    Hope this helps.