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Hi everyone. I’m in IPN and I have had chronic back pain. I want to start drinking Kratom tea to help manage pain. I was wondering if IPN tests for Kratom tea? I’m struggling here, any information would be tremendously appreciated. Thank you in advance.

catsmeow1972, BSN, RN

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Don’t. Do. It.

They test for all sorts of random crap whenever and however much they want. I would not chance it. If you were to be tested for that ( and I honestly don’t know that they don’t) there will be hell to pay, both monetarily and otherwise.
These people cannot be trusted any further than you can kick them. I have seen situations where if I were told they were falsifying results, I would not be shocked in the least.
My advice FWIW, is to stay far away from anything that could be construed as a ‘substance’ that they do not clearly, in writing approve of (and there ain’t much that they do approve of, as I’m sure you have figured out.)


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I second that! DO NOT DO IT! It is not worth it. I am sorry about your back pain, as we nurses suffer with that along with bum knees and constant aches and pains. Try to find a non-pharmacological way to treat it, at least while in the program.



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DO NOT DO IT!! I know someone that failed a drug screen because of Kratom! IPN tests for everything! Please don’t chance it. It’s not worth it. You’ll be refrain from work and have to start all over after you get and evaluation and treatment. Too much money to lose!