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Critical Care and Interventional Radiology
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SisterOdie has 6 years experience as a BSN and specializes in Critical Care and Interventional Radiology.

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  1. PMHNP Preceptor Needed

    Hi everyone! I hope everyone is doing well. I need some help securing a practicum site in Orlando, FL. I need a preceptor for my psychiatric child and adolescent course. Please help me If anyone has any information that could help me I would greatly ...
  2. Florida IPN

    Hi everyone. I’m in IPN and I have had chronic back pain. I want to start drinking Kratom tea to help manage pain. I was wondering if IPN tests for Kratom tea? I’m struggling here, any information would be tremendously appreciated. Thank you in advan...
  3. Florida IPN and Kratom

    Hi everyone. I know this post is about 2 years old. I was wondering if you would be able to provide any updated information. I’m in IPN and I got in a car accident about a year ago and every day for a year I have had significant back paIn. I’ve even ...