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  1. Florida IPN

    DO NOT DO IT!! I know someone that failed a drug screen because of Kratom! IPN tests for everything! Please don’t chance it. It’s not worth it. You’ll be refrain from work and have to start all over after you get and evaluation and treatment. Too muc...
  2. What was your outcome after the evaluation?
  3. IPN continues

    Hello, which facility did you finally picked? Also, which place was 6 weeks. I too have to do IPN IOP and they gave me 3 facilities for which all are in Tampa and Gainesville. Funny because I live in Miami and one of the places said I had to go in fo...
  4. RN in IPN waiting for HR

    Thank you all for your feedbacks. So far I haven't heard anything (maybe because of the holidays) but I will keep you posted. I just wish I new exactly what they are researching since it's taking a while. Happy Holidays 🎄🎄🎉🎉
  5. RN in IPN waiting for HR

    Yes, TRUST me I didn't want to tell them anything but what do you do when your DON tells you to be honest to HR and tell them too. I wasn't going to say anything at all since the DON New about my situation and was ok with it since I was offered the j...
  6. RN in IPN waiting for HR

    I thought about emailing the Director there but I don't know if she'll know what's going on since HR manages their own thing and might not communicate it to the department. I did call HR yesterday to find out my status and they said they are still re...
  7. RN in IPN waiting for HR

    Thank you, but that's exactly what I did. I never told HR anything at first. I waited to tell the department first at the end of the interview. The director was the one that advised me to be honest to HR and also let them know as well. I still waited...
  8. RN in IPN waiting for HR

    Hello IPN nurses, So I'm an IPN participant and recently lost my job due to me passing the 6 month Leave of abcense. Now, I started looking for employment and was able to get an interview. The interview went well and at the end I did disclose my IPN ...
  9. New to IPN??? What is it?

    Yes, I figured out that it wasn't the procedure by the diet pills that I was taking phentramine! I'm so stupid and didn't realize that it was an amphetamine! I had no Rx and therefore here I am in this bind all because I took the easy way out to loos...
  10. New to IPN??? What is it?

    I have sent them the documentation and they are saying is more than that which I'm not aware of. I'm even thinking of doing a hair test to prove them wrong and even getting a lawyer. I'm just concerned that now I'm getting this IPN notice and I'm afr...
  11. New to IPN??? What is it?

    I tested for positive for narcotics and I had a procedure done which they gave me fentanyl propofol, and lidocaine.
  12. New to IPN??? What is it?

    Hello everyone, I recently tried applying for a PRN job and tested positive for narcotics. Unfortunately It was the biggest mistake in my life because I don't do drugs and had a procedure done the day before the test. I tried explaining to them but t...