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Florida Hospital New Graduate Critical Care February 2015


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Anybody else get hired on for FH New Graduate Critical Care Program?

Hi...I'm currently in the process for the March program so I'm curious about how it's been for you or if you've heard from anyone??? I'm also interested in critical care.

Hi TheRNwithaPEN, I am also in the March Program for the ICU. Do you know a place to rent an apartment or need a roommate to cut the expenses. thanks


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Which campus will you be at? Will you be part of the GN program?

It depends on which FH you are at. I'm at FH East and live in Baldwin Park. A bit more expensive, but definitely a nice area. There are plenty of apartment complexes between East and South campuses.

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Yes i am part of the GN program at the main campus FH Orlando i think rollins street.

I did see some for about 800 to 900 dollars!

I recently withdrew my app for this program and accepted an offer with another hospital that's closer to home. I don't live in Orlando and would've had to move or commute.

Sorry I couldn't be of more help with your apartment search. Best wishes to everyone that got a position!

Would anyone be willing to share what they start new grads at for this program?

Low 20s for pay

Any insight on what might give people a leg-up for getting into this program as a GN? I am graduating in July and am dying to do this Critical care internship with FH, but keeping hearing how many people they reject and am getting nervous... Any advice is appreciated!

Since you'll be in the GN program, the interview questions will be basic(i.e. Priority questions, what do you do if this happens, etc) and basic questions for the floor you'll interviewing for ( pt is having chest pain; what do you do next?). I got rejected for the ICU at one campus but got to interview for another campus on a different floor. Brush up on ECG and ACLS, since you will have to take a test and be certified in both.

I will be graduating May 2015 ADN. I applied for the GN program July/August at Florida Hospital. I received the prescreening questionnaire the day after I applied. I submitted it on a Friday. Can you please tell me what will be next. I haven't received anything for references so far. Im so nervous.

Would anyone mind walking me through this ICU internship? I am getting my BSN on December this year ( 2015), and my goal is to get into ICU through an internship like the one FH offers. Any insight would be really appreciated.

Hi, I am currently applying to the Orlando Health GN program. How far have you gotten in the process?

hello, how is the ICU internship going so far? how is the training and schedule broken down? thanks for sharing any info ;)


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For those of you that have applied, where did you find the CCNIP application? I don't see it on job boards except for experienced RN's. Any internal hires on here? Did anyone with an ASN get accepted into the CCNIP/ICU?

If I'm not mistaken, I thought the CCNIP application was basically the same as the graduate nurse application that is currently posted on Florida Hospital's careers page. I think if you apply for the GN program, you just have to specify ICU as your interest on the application.