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Florida Hospital New Grad Program OCT 2014


Hello everyone I didn't see a thread posted for the upcoming new grad program at Florida Hospital so I created one. Anyone else applied?

Yes, I have! Have you heard anything?

Not yet but I received the prescreening questions link via email and you?

I haven't, but i applied in May for the July program and filled it out. Have you applied before? or is this your first time?

This is my first time applying to Florida Hospital previously I tried Lee Memorial.

Which location did you apply for and what unit?

I received a call today from HR and then an email request for references. Progress! :-) I applied to Kissimmee, Orlando and Winter Park but I have no true preference really. Units: PCU, NICU, Med- Surg and you?

How long between your application and the call? Just curious

I applied July 28th and received the call today.

which hospital are you referring too for the Florida new GN positions, I really want to get into something like that!

Florida Hospital GN Program if you go to their website you will see it or google it. Florida Hospital is comprised of a network of hospitals in the northern part of FL

Have you gotten any other updates? My application just says completed and it was transferred to the unit I applied for..do you know when they will start calling for face-to-face interviews?

Nope no other updates. My application still says under initial review and my references are all completed. Are you a BSN or ASN grad?

I'm BSN and you?

I am an ASN grad

Okay...hopefully they call soon! I'll let you know if I hear anything, good luck!

Thank you! Good luck to you as well!

Any updates?