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Florida Hospital Graduate Nurse Program - September/October Start Date


Hi! Is anyone else a new grad applying for the September/October start date for FL Hospital's GN program? I graduated earlier in July and now I'm just waiting until they open the application so I can go ahead and apply.

Has anyone heard how many new grads they usually hire in ICU? That's the area I'm really hoping to get an interview in.

Any idea what date they open the apps?

I had heard that the October application should be posted by the end of July, but that isn't looking promising... It's strange because for the July/August start date, they had the application up 3 or 4 months in advance.

Has anyone heard anything yet? My application still says "Under Initial Review."

I was called today for what I think was a phone interview, but I didn't see the call until after 5 pm.

Best of luck! I'm dying to hear something. I'm hoping to get a spot.

Thank you! I'm out of town so I still haven't had a chance to call them back, but I plan to first thing tomorrow. Good luck to you too! I hope you hear something soon!


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Good luck to everyone. I've applied and currently have a " application under review" status

What specialties and hospitals did you guys apply for?


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I applied Orlando east with my 1st choice to be in the ICU. I currently work in the ICU as a tech and also have my ACLS so I'm hoping it gives me a decent chance!

Good luck! I'm also really interested in ICU, but also interested in ED which I've heard is extremely competitive. I applied for Winter Park, Altamonte, or South. I think you being a tech and having your certification in ACLS will definitely give you a great edge!


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Let me know if you hear anything ( PM is fine) and ill do the same to you!

I applied for Women's, PCU, or OR. I did my practicum on MIU at South and got along really well with everyone so I'm hoping that helps me out.

Sounds good smalltownhero! And allerina, I think doing your practicum at South will definitely give you a leg up! I hope everyone gets to interview in the areas they're interested in! Hopefully having applied right after the application came out will help all of us too!

Everyone keep posting updates if you hear anything new from FH!

I finally heard something from a lady with HR today! I know it's probably still going to be forever until I potentially even get an interview, but it's nice to know that the ball is finally rolling. She said she's forwarding my app to ICU and ED at all of the hospitals I put as my preference, so fingers crossed! Has anyone heard anything about an in-person interview or setting up a meeting with unit managers?


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awesome!! still nothing over here, but ill have patience!

I'm sure you will hear something soon! Does your application show any units that your info has been sent to? Mine does, but it doesn't look like it has been sent to all of the units that I indicated I had interest in. I hope I hear something about an interview soon - I'm trying to be patient too, but it's hard! lol