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I'm currently working in a float pool position where I can generally schedule myself (within the requirements) and get paid money. I do medsurg, and enjoy having the benefits of not being "stuck" in a unit. But, I'm getting bored of medsurg and want a change. At first I was interested in critical care (ICU), but I've been leaning towards ED for a while. Sometimes I float to the ED to "board" patients, and I really enjoy my time there. (Follow my heart?)

One worry is going back to "regular money". In the float-pool, I think I earn about 60% of my current pay (plus, I'd probably put into some benefits like retirement). I've really gotten into the bigger paychecks.

The other issue would be scheduling full time, and the typical challenges of "vacation request". As i currently work, I just don't schedule myself when I don't want to work and it should be fine so long as I meet my minimum requirements.

Any travelers or per-diems that took the plunge back to do a change?

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Have you asked to see if you could cross train in the ED? Some float nurses at a place I worked before was able to get cross trained in the ICU/ER by working 2 of their 3 shifts a week in the department cross training. You have to make it appealing to the unit you are wanting to train in since they will be investing time, money and resources on you and committing X amt time per pay period or what not would let them get their "money's worth" training you. You may have to pay out of pocket for TNCC, ENPC, PALS, ECCO ect but that may be worth it to stay PRN, and in charge of your schedule. Just a thought

Talk to the ED manager and see if you can make arrangements to cross-train (as above) with the goal of eventually doing most/all of your float shifts in ED - let them know that's your goal. Most any ED will be able to use you (I would think). One thing that might help if they balk is to offer to pick up hours above your float pool requirements to cross-train - which you could do without stressing yourself too much. Eight hour blocks (maybe even 4 hours) here and there...

Good luck ~

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Yep, what the two posters above said. I've been float pool at a few facilities for about 4 years now. In my current position, I am only required to float to acute care areas. However, I have been cross trained to the PICU stepdown and the ED because I have prior experience and I told my manager it would be something I was interested in. You should definitely talk to your manager and see if cross training is an option at all.

If you like the ED, the trade might be worth it. For me, I like being free from vacation requests, preventing, being in charge. Nobody is pushing me to get a BSN, take students for twelve weeks, or join a committee.

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My hospital has a Bridge program every few months to move to a different unit. I think it is an 8 week program or something. I have PALS already. I'd imagine with the bridge program, I'd have a contract to stay with the company for some time.

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