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Hey everyone....

I recently graduated from a BSN program in Florida and I just found out that I have to move in !!!ten days!!! (husbands in the military). I had previously planned on taking my Nclex in FL, but now I wont have time.... I have begun investigating on how to apply to take my Nclex in California and everything looks good but one thing. I cant figure out what my nursing school has to send to the board office to release me to take my boards (and my school wont help me find out). I know in the state of Florida the school must forward your name to the nursing board before you can even register to take your boards. Does anyone know if CA has the same requirements??

I have called CA Board office to ask many times!!! and they only say that the school has to forward a copy of my transcripts. This just seems to easy :o .

Does anyone have experience with being an out of state grad appling to take the Nclex in CA??? If so what did you have to do??? I thought my stress level would decrease after finally graduating but it keeps going up!!! :rolleyes:

Thanks for any help!!!

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Hi~ I can empathize with your frustration. I am a MN grad and am applying for licensure through Illinois but am planning on taking the boards here in MN. It's frustrating that each state is so different. Have you found a CA Board of Nursing website by chance? In MN everything is completed online, in IL I downloaded an application from their website and sent that in. As far as what my school has to send in, it's just a verification signature from the registrar and the school's seal on a form that they send in saying I graduated. If you already called and that's all they said, I would do what they say. Good luck in CA!! Hope this helped decrease your frustration at least a little!

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If you have already applied for taking the exam in Florida, just go ahead with taking the exam for a FL license, then endorse. If not, the only thing that your school needs to submit is a full set fo your transcripts........Simple as that for CA.

Once California has accepted your training, then they will send you a letter that you meet all requirements for licensure, except the NCLEX exam. You submit the $200 to Pearson-Vue, at http://www.pearsonvue.com, and then once they have the go ahead from CA BON, they will send you your ATT letter. You wil have 90 days to take the exam...........

Slow down and take a deep breath, it is quite simple to do........ :)

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