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first year community college i got good GPA, second year university i got bad GPA

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My first year at a community college i got gpa of 3.8. I took most of the general requirements and most of the classes seemed easy. My second year i got accepted to the university of minnesota, i wanted to do pre-med, so, i took physics with calculus 1 and 2, i took O/chem 1 and 2. I have gotten mostly C's which killed my new GPA i started at the university with. I no longer want to do pre-med, i want to get BSN and latter become NP. I don't think i have a shot at getting into the nursing program at the university i go to becouse of my low GPA. I don't know if they will look at just the university GPA or both the university and the community college commulative GPA. Should i try to get good GPA and apply to the nursing program at the university i got to know, or should i go back to the community college and get ADN with my good GPA there and transfer to another state university and get a BSN and latter get my NP?


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At my program, they only used my prerequisite GPA for admission. So, they may not take into account the high-level courses you've taken. It turned out well for me, since my university GPA was terrible (I failed at least 2 full semesters). When I transferred, none of the classes I failed were prereqs for nursing, so they were ignored. My application GPA was around 3.5. You'll want to get in touch with the college of nursing at your university to find out what they do :D Good luck!

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latter = later?

OP you aren't going to change your GPA just by changing colleges these days. Thing is you have to really make your college life about studying and learning with just a little time for fun. Freshman gen ed courses are gonna be easy just about everywhere. Sciences are gonna take a lot out of you if you want to do well. Maybe if you need the extra time to devote, think about a summer for knocking off one of your big sciences. Its accelerated, sure, but it's one course to devote your brain to. Maybe you can raise things a bit.

My nephew was told under no circumstances should he take chem at the college he has been accepted at (my old stomping grounds) word is it'll ruin your GPA. Find out what courses fit this bill at your school and then arrange to possibly take them in the summer at a college close to home. Not that it will be easier, it's just that you will be able to devote your brain to that one task. This "planning" is quite the way to go, so the premeds I know have told me.

Okay, first thing is first:

- analyze your study habits and commit to studying!

That is key.

In terms of nursing school, all hope is DEFINITELY not lost. Many nursing programs look at your grades only in prerequisite classes. It really depends on each program, so non-specific information really isn't going to do you any good.

Find out what programs you would be interested in/ programs in your area and find out what their admissions criteria is.

The program that i'm applying for, for example, looks at my gpa only in specific classes and doesn't care how many times you take a class over. So there is always hope.