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  1. by   SillyStudent
    NO ATT yet...just sitting here freaking out about it.....
  2. by   justrissy
    I've been sitting here waiting too for my att! everything is in and the state cashed my check back on 1/7 but still waiting, the state site still states eligibility pending! UGH! I'm getting tired of waiting. The state and Pearson will willingly take you money but don't do anything to hurry with getting your eligibilty and att out to you. I've got my job all lined up and would like to have my NCLEX passed so I can start getting RN pay for doing my job instead of the LPN pay I am currently getting (big difference in pay) But I guess we'll all keep waiting together! They are probably reading these boards and laughing at all of us since they hold our futures in their hands!
  3. by   SillyStudent
    My State BON is waiting for my fingerprints to come back. I just called them. GRR!
  4. by   MMARN
    I'm freaking out now. It's done. I've applied for the test and now, it's time to wait. It just seems soooo real now. :s Now, I'm really scared.
  5. by   2bTraumaRN2008
    Well, I finally got my ATT today. I have scheduled my test for Feb. 5th and now I'm really nervous!!!!!

    It's only one week away and I don't feel like it will be enough time, but on the other hand, I did not want to wait too long to take it.

  6. by   TAB_RN
    Quote from Nurse_Student_II
    Well, I am back from taking the NCLEX. It shut off at 75 questions. I am praying I passed...
    I just got my quick results and I passed!!!! Thank God!
  7. by   2bTraumaRN2008
  8. by   ava'smomRN
    Quote from Nurse_Student_II
    I just got my quick results and I passed!!!! Thank God!
  9. by   Always Learning, RN
    Finally Got My ATT!

    Testing on Valentines Day - First Available Date!
  10. by   ava'smomRN
    Quote from Career Student
    Finally Got My ATT!

    Testing on Valentines Day - First Available Date!

    what a date! that will be a valentines to remember.:redpinkhe

    best of luck to you
  11. by   ava'smomRN
    i have a question. when you all recieved your ATT, what was the earliest test date? a few days, week, month???? I am curious, my school finally sent my transcript to BON and I paid pearson vue. I am hoping that when i receive my ATT, I may be able to test within a few days.....
  12. by   HeartJulz
    There were plenty of dates and times still open when I selected my date ... no worries. I just decided to plan 3-4 weeks ahead to give AMPLE time to study ... but now I kinda wish I were takin it this coming friday instead of the following since I seem pretty prepared, but its all good I will be 100% prepared... I have a feeling I wont be able to sleep much that night ... I have already been worried about oversleeping or sleepin through my alarm or something ... yesterday I was reading that if you forget your ATT you have to repay , I think all of that made me worry even more!!!! Traffic if HIDEOUS out here and my testing site is an hour away not including how bad traffic may or may not be..... AHHHHHHHH!!!! I wish I would have looked around more to see if there was a later time... I seen some people had a 11ish am and I have a 8am which means I have to be there at 730am..... this is gonna kill me!!!!!!!! wait, it already has been killing me!
  13. by   justrissy
    YIPEE!!! got my ATT today, soonest test date for location I wanted is feb 19 so I took it, hope someone cancels before then maybe I can move up the date.