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I took the NCLEX today and i feel awful. I cried when the screen cut off at 75 questions. I really wanted to answer more questions. I thought the exam was pretty difficult. I had a ton of priority... Read More

  1. by   anutmeg
    Thanks everyone for all your support. I will keep you posted on how I did.
  2. by   Anniekins
    I took mine Monday, it shut off at 75, and I found out today that I PASSED! I do not know of ANYBODY who's test shut off at 75 and they failed! The wait is the hardest part.............try to keep busy....and keep us posted!!

    Love, Annie
  3. by   J Lynn
    I took mine Monday and tomorrow I should know my results. It shut off at 105 (weird). Doesn't seem like anyone else shut off at that number. It scares me. I keep ya'll posted.
  4. by   Love-A-Nurse
    i feel so anxious for those who have taken the test and waiting on results and i don't take mine for another 3 weeks! all the best.
  5. by   TLRN71
    No kidding about the stress. My husband is on me all the time about decreasing the stress level- as if I can help it! It helps not at all that I am 6 mos pregnant- if one more person reminds me that the stress is not "good for the baby" I think I will smack them.

    Its nice that other people think that you can take the test, walk out, and not worry about it until you get the result back.

    Good luck all- hope people are right about doing better than you think- I need to have done MUCH better than I think.....

    ER RN (hopefully)
  6. by   lovinghands
    Quote from chris_at_lucas
    not to be harsh, but if you know you answered the last one wrong, it sounds as though you may be retaking the exam.

    i am not suggesting this example is you by any means, but imagine if someone missed every single question of the first 75. it would shut off at 75 and they would fail the exam.

    thanks for your good wishes--i hope you are wrong about that last question!
    so your belief is no matter how many i had correct before 75, if i got 75 wrong and it shut off i'm doomed to failure. seems like all or nothing statement to me....for heaven's sake e1 get #75 right!!!!!

    :d i received my results this a.m. - i passed!!!! 'nuf said!
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