tell us how bad the "new" NCLEX was

  1. It is officially april..and as we all know the new format of the nclex is now being used :hatparty: . for those of us who have yet to take it ( and to graduate in MAY for that manner), could you please share with us your thought/feelings/concerns/ and advice. thanks!
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  3. by   JuliaR
    hi BSNGRAD2004

    i will take mine this april 5 (monday)..i'll let u all know what my thoughts are about the "new" test format =)
  4. by   suzanne4
    They also are using some of the new type questions on the CGFNS exam that was just given last month..................It didn't change the questions and make them harder, just put them in another format.....................Remember, each nurse will get her own individual questions, different from many others even taking at the same time................
  5. by   momx2
    So The Test Wont Be Harder, Just A Different Format? I Am Really Nervous About It
  6. by   Ortho_RN
    No they have raised the passing standard for the test along with the new format.... They are making the test harder to pass due to patient safety reasons...
  7. by   leraern
    I have to test with the new format and I am nervous. If anyone is interested on the Kaplan website there are sample questions of the new format questions. For anyone who has not seen them, take a look and see what you think. You can also take a sample quiz of 5 questions. I took it and got 2 out of 5 so I have some brushing up to do. I think the hardest part is separating book knowledge from clinical/floor knowledge. Things are much different on the floor than in the books so you have to choose your answers wisely. Anyway check out the website and I wish anyone luck who still has to take the test like me. Keep your head up and pray!!!!!!!!!
  8. by   ione
    like leraern, i will also be taking the test this week. God bless us.... :-)
  9. by   jazznkate
    One of the instructors had said that new exam will contain very few of the new format and that the new format will not BE the exam. Now, how true is this.
  10. by   BSNgrad2004
    Quote from jazznkate
    One of the instructors had said that new exam will contain very few of the new format and that the new format will not BE the exam. Now, how true is this.
    i hope that's TRUE!!
  11. by   yvonneRN2B
    On the NCSBN website it says that the new questions will be about 2% of the exam. So if you only take 75 questions, you will only get 1-2 of the new format questions. They won't say if they will count or not, so just plan on answering them like they count. Good luck to those taking it this week. I take it the 23rd....
  12. by   JuliaR
    hello everyone!

    i guess i was the first one in our messageboard to take the "new" NCLEX

    My computer shut off at 75th item . I only got (1) multiple answer question format. Honestly, i really don't know if i passed or failed . I mostly got questions about prioritizations ,some med-surg questions and 1 meds. I'm quite confused now because the questions that I got seems to be not that hard but i think i was answering it incorrectly because questions about prioritizing kept on appearing. I can only hope and pray that I will pass NCLEX the first time

    I'll call Pearson vue this wednesday and i'll let u know the result...

  13. by   wnt2besurgrn
    Julia what state are you in?
  14. by   JuliaR

    im here in Florida =)