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hello all. just readin different threads and wonderin what does the starting salary look like for a grad nurse? i live the in Atlanta area so any ball park figure will do. thanks!... Read More

  1. by   mah0609
    Thanks Tinesia
    I 'm just starting out, and would love to be ANY nurse but probably doing it for as long as you have wouldn't be as inclined. I would just be getting my AS in Nursing and tyring to see if salary wise what the differences would be ,,,,,,
    Thanks again
  2. by   LUsciouslyLU
    i got $25.00 plus 1.50 shift differential for eveings so 26.50, but once i pass boards it goes up 50 cents so i guess 25.50 base rate..

    philly suburbs
  3. by   JR816
    29.00 for nights
  4. by   JeanBuck
    In st. Louis mo. GN start off with 19.00 hr and with the shift diff for the evening and nights you will recieve an additional 4.50.. The cost of living is okay... In a nice area a two bedroom apt will cost @ least 725. So you are right it all depend
  5. by   amc23RN
    new graduate nurses in DC are being offered $26.73 for days, %15 more at nights (30.73) and $5 on weekends (31.73 - 35.73). Whereas in Maryland I was offered around $23.75 for days and $3 more for nights. I guess it depends on the cost of living in your area. NY and Ca probably pay the most. I also applied in Hawaii and they offered about $28/hr.
  6. by   BensMom
    In Denver was offered 21/hr. Took a job at 24.75/hr.
  7. by   nursepeggysue
    Where is that??
    I have been lpn 20 years, now RN and Mississippi is tryin to pay me $1.75 less at 16 an hour. Same hospital but different department!!!!
  8. by   nursepeggysue
    WHere may I ask??
  9. by   gerry79
    Nurse for 6 months. $32.67/hr Boston
  10. by   SparklyGirl
    Alta Bates in Berkeley hires new RNs at $46/hour.
  11. by   queenjean
    I live in one of the larger towns in Kansas. Our town is a college town, so cost of living in this county is one of the highest in the state--nonethless, we are talking about Kansas, folks, so the cost of living is no where near some other places. An apartment is about 300-400 per bedroom. Average price of a home is somewhere in the $180s. New grads at my hospital start out at 20/hr. There is a $3/hour night differential, plus a $2/hr weekend differential. Family insurance through the hospital is about $350/mo, single is somewhere around $150, I think (I'm not single...). Partial tutition reimbursement is possible, it's something like 30% of your tuition. Not as much as some places, but every little bit helps!

  12. by   tanny209
    In NYC, new grads could get 34 to 37 per hour starting if in a private hospital with an Associates Degree. With a BSN, there is about 1000 to 1500 dollar annual salary difference.
  13. by   nurz2be
    GN, for 6 months, 17 plus benefits....
    after that per diem 27-30 per hr. plus shift diff.
    or 24-28 with benefits as staff nurse.