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hello all. just readin different threads and wonderin what does the starting salary look like for a grad nurse? i live the in Atlanta area so any ball park figure will do. thanks!... Read More

  1. by   carolinapooh
    Quote from mobello
    Well, that all depends too. If you move to the outlying counties, Cabarrus, Union, Gaston, it is cheaper. Living in upstate SC is even better. But, if you want to live in Matthews, Pineville, or God forbid, Lake Norman area, be prepared to pay too much.

    I am one of about 3 native Charlotteans that are left here. Anything you wanna know about it, just ask!

    mo bello

    Then I think we are among the last eight North Carolinians left in NC (I wasn't born here b/c I was a Navy brat, but I've lived here since I was a year old!)! Everyone I meet these days is from SOMEWHERE ELSE!!!

    And yes - did you hear this morning? Scratch tickets by I think they said 30 March and Lotto by 30 April! IT'S ABOUT TIME!!
  2. by   Katie612
    May I ask which hospital offered you $30 to start in SO. CAL??

    I was offered jobs in SO Cal ($28.75 after 6 mo.) and in Minneapolis, MN (around $26.00) for RN, BSN... Not including shift diffs.
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  3. by   allthingsbright
    My friends graduating this May in Kansas City are saying they are being offered $20/hr not including diff.

    Good luck everyone!
  4. by   stephiebob/lpn2rn
    I graduated with several friends from the ATL area, these quotes are based on what they were told. Decadur $22, Southern Regional $18-19, Henry $18-19. I live closer to Macon (about 1hr south) & most of hospitals offer $19 + shift diff.
  5. by   inspir8tion

    Median annual earnings of registered nurses were $52,330 in May 2004. The middle 50 percent earned between $43,370 and $63,360. The lowest 10 percent earned less than $37,300, and the highest 10 percent earned more than $74,760. Median annual earnings in the industries employing the largest numbers of registered nurses in May 2004 were as follows:

    Employment services $63,170
    General medical and surgical hospitals 53,450
    Home health care services 48,990
    Offices of physicians 48,250
    Nursing care facilities 48,220

    Many employers offer flexible work schedules, child care, educational benefits, and bonuses.

    Info from
  6. by   tollern
    North Carolina $ for new grads around 18.50/hr with 3 - 4/hr shift and 10/hr WE stacked. Some specialty areas (L&D, ICU, ED) offer 1-3/hr diff too. Not as bad as some, not as good as others, but cost of living is low.
  7. by   cdilrrj
    Any new grads from the DC area? What was your starting pay
  8. by   steu
    Quote from Compassionate_Nurse
    north fla the average is 17-19$ central fl is a little better but not much. if you want tomake money then you need to move to tampa, miami, or palm beach. the thing about north fl though is the cost of living. I know adn's with experience who are making $100,000 a year as DON's and Risk managers. you can get a really nice house for about 200,000$ or a decent one for 100,000$. lots of good hospitals too, especially in Gainesville, Tampa, Miami, Jacksonville, Orlando. If you tell me a general area I could give you more info.
    Hello CompassionateNurse....Re: salary in Florida based on city - what about West Palm Beach - Tenet Healthcare systems? Any idea? I grew up in West Palm and am considering returning as a new graduate RN but have heard the salaries are low (probably they were referring to N. florida. -Thanks!
  9. by   ortess1971
    I was offered $21.82. This is the highest I've heard of for my state(RI).
  10. by   sassy_cassie
    I'm a new grad in Midwestern Kansas. I make $17.61 + $2.00 shift diff on evenings. It is kind of low but the cost of living here is really low. I live in a nice 2 bedroom rental house with 2 car garage for $550 a month. Hospitals around here are all right about at that pay except for the psychiatric hospital which is 23 an hour.
  11. by   KnarfKS
    I'm getting 20.50 an hour full time in Kansas City, then taking another PRN job that pays 30 with the same hospital that I was a CNA at.
  12. by   teenynurse
    I'm an LPN so I am a GN but I think I will stay at my job as a LPN till I take my Rn boards
  13. by   16f1217
    Charlottesville, VA (voted best place to live in the US by Forbes magazine) ha...wonder why? Start is 28.70 / hr