Recently licensed RN not working

  1. Hello. I am new to this group. My situation is unique and I am looking for advise..feeling frustrated.

    I live in Pa. I graduated May 2015. It took me 2 attempts to pass NCLEX, definitely was not what I expected but, I studied and took it again. December 2016 I passed. Now for the challenges...

    I currently work for a local health insurance company, been there 26 years. Went to nursing school fearing that I was going to be laid off which, did not happen. Now, I have a job that pays well and that I love but I also want a nursing career that I would like to get started. My problem is, I really want to get my 30 years in at the insurance company (some perks for when I hit retirement age). I thought, I could work as a nurse part-time or PRN until I could go fulltime. This is not going as planned...

    I thought I had a PRN position, had multiple interviews, shadow experience and told that they would work with my schedule no problem - then I heard nothing. I decided to reach out the HR dept to see what was going on and I was told that I was not going to be offered the position and told I should seek fulltime instead since I am considered a new grad nurse.

    I will keep looking for a position that will work for me right now until I can go fulltime but, my question is what if I don't find that position? The longer I go without a job, I feel that my chances of ever getting hired as a nurse get critically lower. I didn't want to just give up...I really think I could do nursing part-time and then move to fulltime. Any suggestions?
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  3. by   roser13
    The prevailing wisdom is that nursing school is approximately one-half of your nursing education. Your first 1-5 years of working as a nurse serve as the other half of your education. That is it is very rare to be able to start your nursing career in a part-time position. You have a whole lot more learning to do.
  4. by   amoLucia
    To be honest, I'm a bit envious of your nsg career start. And I believe there's a whole army of nurses out there who'd envy your insurance longevity position. And to be truly frank, I'd suggest that you do NOTHING to imperil your '30 years in and retire' plan. You don't state your age, but I'd guess you're somewhere around mid-50ish or so.

    You're still considered a new nurse re your clinical skill sets and that means you likely would most prob had difficulty adjusting and acclimating to the demands of acute care settings, esp as a casual time employee. And I am assuming that you're seeking acute hospital employment.

    For the present NOW, it's the orientation and 'newbie break-in' period that's going to be problematic for you. You would really need to dedicate your time to a good orientation period that provides adequate and sufficient time to settle in and that generally means 'fulltime' commitment which you are reluctant and hesitant to do (and I truly, truly do understand and support that concern). Otherwise, you might be setting yourself and the hiring facility up for a rocky future and possible failure.

    IMHO, what might work for you would be to consider employment in LTACH or skilled LTC facilities. Not what you were expecting or hoping but ... An orientation would most likely NOT be long and drawn out. Such orientations are usually short, sweet and brief, even wham, bam. But you most likely could be employed pretty much right away and they would prob be much more agreeable to hiring you PRN or part-time.

    When your desired insurance company retirement time happens, you'll have acquired clinical skills work experience that is desirous and you can look elsewhere to move into a more acute care setting. Who knows? You may enjoy your interim career detour.

    Now on a real, personal level, as one mature, senior, retired nurse to another mature working woman, I repeat that you do not risk or jeopardize your retirement plans by pursuing your nsg career as much as you'd like to. Protect your retirement. The reality is that nurses must safeguard their futures.

    And you were right, yours is a unique situation. And welcome to AN.
  5. by   xoemmylouox
    I agree with the PP. Do not give up on that 30yr plan when you are this close. Keep searching for a PRN/Part time job. Look outside of acute inpatient care. There is home health (they are always looking for nurses), outpatient (physician office/urgent care), corrections, infusion centers, etc.
  6. by   caliotter3
    You might find an empathetic Director of Patient Care Services at a home care agency who will hire you to do one or two weekend shifts with an extended care patient. It's not glamorous or a hospital job but it is nursing and a first nursing entry for your resume.
  7. by   baumgardner229
    You are close, I will be fifty this year. I thank you for the positive response. I will keep looking for a part-time/PRN position. I just applied for a position at Patient First, so maybe this one will work out for me. I have 3yr and about 7mo to go, and my 30yr will be in I will look at home health and long term care facilities as well. Thank you so much! I have much to learn about being a new nurse, and eager to learn.
  8. by   baumgardner229
    Thank you for the response - I will definitely look into these and see what I can find. I just applied to Patient First this afternoon. They have a part-time position available and I am told they would work with me. Fingers crossed! Thank you.
  9. by   amoLucia
    BG, good luck to you.
  10. by   baumgardner229
    Thank you everyone for your positive responses, I really appreciate it. I will keep looking until I find something that works for me until I can do this fulltime
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  12. by   baumgardner229
    Hi everyone! Wanted to give you an quick update...I found a LTCF that accepted me as PRN and said they will work with me. I start orientation in about two weeks very happy and also nervous!! I'm more than thankful to be getting this chance!
  13. by   bkcollins185
    Hi, I'm not that active on the site. I ran across your post & was wondering
    how your position with the LTCF is working out. Trying to be more active.
  14. by   baumgardner229
    Hi. I actually have not started yet, my orientation is in two weeks. I definitely will post an update once I start.