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Hey there, yet another new grad with no job post. Graduated in August, passed boards in September. Started applying for new grad hospital jobs back in May, slowed down during my preceptorship in... Read More

  1. by   Quota
    I haven't been able to find anything for flu shot clinics or I'd be all over that. It looks like the pending offer for the medsurg position fell through because I just got a call about coming in for an interview for that position so hopefully that goes well.
  2. by   NICUismylife
    Your rationale for not working out of the area is that you can't afford rent and your mortgage, but you can survive on a Target salary?

    You'd probably make at least an extra $20/hr as an RN, which comes out to an extra $2800ish/mo. That would more than cover the rent you state you can't afford, especially if you got a roommate. I really think you need to re-consider relocating if it's coming down to working at Target vs. relocating and working as an RN.

    The further you get from graduation without a job, the harder it will be to find that initial nursing job.

    Good luck.
  3. by   Quota
    The average local hospital pay isn't $20 more than what Target is paying seasonal help here. I doubt a rural hospital which would be in a lower cost of living area would be paying more than my local hospitals for new grad positions. The Target job is just to offset the amount of money going out of my bank account until I land a local job. Still waiting to hear back from my last interview, hoping HR just got slowed down from the holiday because the director I interviewed with said I should hear something before the holiday so I didn't have to anxiously wait over the holiday. Too late for that but hoping I get the job, sounded like a great unit to get started on.

    I also got an email from another hospital yesterday asking to complete a reference form to continue the process but I was told I was no longer under consideration earlier this month for the position I interviewed for. So don't know what's going on there. Emailed the HR contact listed in the email to ask what's going on. Are they considering me for a job or just accidentally activated their reference program for me? Hopefully I get a response about that today.