New Grad Nurses struggling to find jobs - CNN Reporter wants to hear from you - page 2 appreciates how difficult the job market can be for new grad nurses. We are working with Annalyn Kurtz, a CNN Money Reporter get info for an article that will highlight this... Read More

  1. by   netglow
    Unfortunately it's sad that many of those since 2007 have long since stopped visiting this site and all else. Would be great Brian if you would post this on the main page as well as the Top of the General Discussion forum as I think that most newbies go there to read up on things. Maybe encourage people to email the AN link to friends that have been members but are too upset over their situation to keep coming to this site at this point.

    There are thousands of unemployed new grads out there.
  2. by   SMVLPN
    Nursing shortage, my butt! There are no decent (pay or hours) jobs out there for new grads, or even longtime experienced nurses.
  3. by   sweetnurse786
    People need to stop promoting nursing and telling people to go become a nurse cause there is NO NURSING SHORTAGE!!! a ton of us graduated with a BSN from a top school last May 2012, and still can not find a job...its really sad and scary cause we have a ton of loans to pay off!!
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    Quote from brian appreciates how difficult the job market can be for new grad nurses.

    We are working with Annalyn Kurtz, a CNN Money Reporter get info for an article that will highlight this nationwide issue. We have created a form where you can share your story with the reporter.

    We WILL SHARE this info with the CNN Reporter and she MAY contact you with your prefererd contact method. All the info you share is OPTIONAL and will not be posted on the public board.

    *Even if you did get a job, please fill in the form to share your story of your job hunt process.*

    Thanks in advance! - Brian Short - Founder of

    Click here to go to the form to fill out

    If you wish to comment on this publicly, please post your comments below.
    I have been a nurse for 20+ years. Due to an accident injury and a health issue, I can no longer work the floor. I am having just as hard a time as the new grads trying to find a job that is not on the floor...and I have my Masters! How about us with this issue? I have lots of interviews and then nothing. I feel like as soon as a couple of the major health systems in my area get my resume`, they toss it out and sending the reject letter! I was perfectly qualified for one position and found out later it went to a new grad! I feel very discriminated against. I am not the only one with this issue either. If so many places won't hire the new grads and won't hire experienced nurses like me, what the heck do they want?
    Thank you,
    Sandra Arens MSN RN
  5. by   Mrs149
    I have and the nurse recruiter that called me and told me "..your resume is very impressive I have received your application and resume several times, but my nurse mangers want someone with 'real' experience.

    I guess clinicals aren't enough. How do you get experience in an area wher every nurse manager wants experience even in nursing homes. Then she said try a small hospital. Well the 'clinic' owns every hospital in this county and the 8 counties surrounding. What's a nurse to do?

    Go back to school spend thousands on a BSN only to be told the same thing? We'll see I will complete my BSN in May (my second bachelor's degree 1st is in Biology).
  6. by   coughdrop.2.go
    I applied! It took me 40 minutes to write out my story. Brian thanks for working with CNN and giving us the opportunity to share our stories. I almost cried writing my story out. The tears aren't just sadness, but joy from finding this website and how much support I've received from the community as I'm still looking for my first RN job. Thanks to all of you.
  7. by   ArtisticNurse
    3 months ago, I acquired my US-RN license. I graduated with a BSN in 2008 from abroad. I have less than a year experience in the ER (not even paid). The other years, I've worked in non-nursing positions.

    I have been submitting to jobs since then and hopefully I get a good offer soon. I tried getting a job in an LTC facility even if it pays lower than an LPN's average even (<$19). However, didn't get it. They probably went for an LPN instead.

    I am seriously considering grad school (MSN-FNP or Nurse Admin track) to upgrade my knowledge and possibly chances to be found useful to any healthcare institution. I am hoping to find a job while working on the grad degree. The problem is money to pay for this (since I am an unemployed RN-BSN).

    A lot of us love nursing and have aspirations to be the best nurses. We all just need the break to indeed have "experience" and consequently, be experts in the field.
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  8. by   marz78
    @ Belle Monte -
    That is great to hear you and your classmates already have jobs lined up! Where do you live? Just curious if I should expand my job search. I graduate in May and am just starting to look at what jobs are out there. Any suggestions for the job search?
  9. by   lee113
    I was fortunate enough to find a job after 6 months. It was a struggle, even with finishing a BSN. I've also had experienced nurses tell me that they are having a hard time finding work because hospitals don't want to pay for experience. I think it's time for schools and hospital administrators to be honest and stop telling people that there is a nursing shortage.
  10. by   rn_abbey
    Wow, very cool idea. Wish I was a new Grad again! (...okay, maybe not, but younger would be good)
  11. by   HBrad339
    See it's just the opposite problem for me and others I know. Everyone wants at least 1 year experience. No exceptions.
  12. by   DoGoodThenGo
    It all does seem rather uneven with no rhyme or reason as to whom is hired.

    On the NY local forum you hear new grads wailing about their fate, others have been hired if not a once perhaps several weeks or months after gaining licensure. One new *male* nurse just peeped up he has not one but two full time gigs at top NYC hospitals. Go figure.
  13. by   IKnowYouRider
    Just posted my story. Felt good.