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L-ICURN has 8 years experience as a BSN, RN and specializes in ICU.

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  1. L-ICURN

    Is my (50K) BSN worthless?

    I'm sorry this is happening to you. Like others said, it looks like you have self awareness and you are trying to figure out how to fix it. I think the accelerated BSN short-changed you in clinical experience. I was a returning student and went through a traditional BSN program. At the end, we had ~500 clinical hours done, and those hours were very hands on. I know what it's like to have your pride damaged when someone says you just can't do the job. Like others have also said, maybe floor nursing isn't your niche. 50k is a lot of money for school. Maybe try to find something outside the traditional realm of nursing. Ambulatory, OR, clinic? Good luck to you, whatever you do!
  2. L-ICURN

    pH in NGTs

    Confirmed by xray.
  3. I'm buying this book. I've left bedside recently for something else just to get a break. I have to learn to live with less money, but I see no reason to stay in a job that's causing physical and mental strain.
  4. This right here. A jury (comprised of people who might get their healthcare information from grey's anatomy) may not be able to make the distinction between the different acute care RNs.
  5. This is what's happening at the hospital I'm at now. New management came in and is all about the money. They hacked through positions, scheduling, and extra resources. And they sit there in the administration department and ask why people are leaving in droves. They've lost more nurses in the past year than the last 5 years combined. And they know that there are 4 schools in the immediate area that will churn out at least 60 new grads this spring. What's really funny though is all our new grads leave after a year to become NPs or move on to nonbedside jobs. And then it happens all over again.
  6. I have a pinched nerve, plantar fasciitis, more recently shin splints, insomnia, and still occasionally have stress-induced dreams of work. When I call off, it's counted as 1.5 days because i work 12s. But my vacation days are only awarded based on an 8 hour day. I'm tired, and I haven't even been doing this that long. I'm leaving bedside nursing and taking a pay cut. I need a break. Management needs to take notice. Dangling a "stable" blue-collar wage in front of somebody isn't enough.
  7. L-ICURN

    Is this nursing burnout?

    I am with you. The other day, I sent out 4 applications for jobs that I held prior to being a nurse. The problem is companies see that RN and think you'll leave because the money isn't the same. I'm in school right now, hoping that it will help move me away from the bedside. But I fear with the oversaturation of NPs, that's not going to happen either. If your love of nursing is gone and you're convinced that it's not coming back, I'd say move on. But not before looking at your bills and retirement and seeing what financial position you're in. If you can tolerate teaching more, then try to make that a more permanent job. I'm not married, so I bounce these issues off my parents. My father was the one who worked shift work, and he firmly believes that 12 hour shifts are the devil . He argues that 12s take away any chance of recuperating for the next day. All I want is a normal life, and it sort of sounds like you do too, however you define normal. Is it possible to go part time? Maybe one less day will give you more of a chance to live life the way you want.
  8. So my dad had an accident at home and said "I wish she was here. She'd know what to do." To which, my mom replied "she works in the ICU, she doesn't do ortho, dummy." At the time, I was in a MICU and hadn't started trauma yet. For the family member who tells me i don't know anything, i tell them to ask someone else then. Tell them to access Dr. GOOGLE. I'm sure they'll find all the misinformation they want. Sorry. I've lost some patience with the general attitude of people when it comes to my job.
  9. L-ICURN

    IV Push Meds

    All of this. I just deleted part of it for space considerations. I don't rely on pharmacy all the time. Know your meds. Make it a point to know your meds, rate of administration, side effects, etc. Like another poster said, it won't be the pharmacist or a coworker facing the board if a disastrous error is made.
  10. L-ICURN

    I'm in desperate need of help!!!!

    I wouldn't answer any inquiry without the guidance of a JD. It's time for a lawyer.
  11. L-ICURN

    One NP with online education

    This is all amusing, as we've had this discussion at work more than once. Some anecdotal food for thought: I worked with (and got stuck with as a patient) a few brick and mortar NPs who had NO acute care experience prior to being licensed as NPs. It seems like some of the traditional schools are going the way of online schools, because I've met a couple NPs that I wouldn't let treat my worst enemy. Edit: the only experience they had was clinicals in their BSN program. They liked to tell peeps they didn't have to work the floor.
  12. L-ICURN

    Social Media and Doxxing - Your Thoughts???

    I once told a coworker that I was "tired of this crap." I was in management's office the next day.
  13. This right here! I have never encountered such a field of study that despises their members who choose to advance their academic standing. If anything, I'm envious of those who have the time and money it takes to pursue advanced academic degrees.
  14. L-ICURN

    Spouse of nurse

    Martymoose, you don't owe anyone an explanation. It's time for a sitdown with the spouse. If he won't listen, see a counselor.
  15. L-ICURN

    You know what grinds my gears?

  16. I worked with a pharmD and a DPT, who both referred to themselves as "doctor." Physicians didn't have a problem with them doing it, but they verbalized unhappiness when the DNPs did it. I have a problem with misleading a patient about the type of doctorate, but they earned their degree just like the DPT and the pharmD. If the pharmacist and physical therapist can do it, why can't the nurse who earned a terminal degree?

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