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  1. hi all,
    so i need some advice. i have taken nclex once and failed. i am scheduled to take it a second time on march 10. there's the kaplan online review course that i could take to prepare for boards. it's 344 and if you don't pass they refund your money back to you. ok. so the latest date that i can take boards is april 27. i'm thinking about rescheduling my test until april and taking the course just as added insurance to passing. if i don't pass then i have to wait until june to take it again. i can still take the online course, but after 3 tries and failing in illinois, i have to show proof that i have taken a refresher course. has anyone taken the kaplan online review course? and does anyone advise me to delay the test and take the course?

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  3. by   traumaRUs
    I can't offer advice about the course, but I do want to wish you luck. Keep your head high, take a deep breath and you can do it.
  4. by   KimRN03
    I took Kaplan's classroon course and found it extremely helpful. I took NCLEX once and passed with 75 questions and I'm sure Kaplan helped me. They give you strategies to answer questions that are Very helpful if you have no idea what the answer would be. The questions that NCLEX gives you are very similar to what Kaplan gives you, all the way down to how the question looks on the computer screen. I don't know how the online course is structured. I think you should reschedule your test. I think it is better to feel prepared to take the test, rather then just rush in there. Kaplan is expensive, but so is having to take boards several time. I wish you the best of luck in whatever you decide to do. Stay positive!
  5. by   gij1
    Kaplan online helped me pass the NCLEX. The practice questions/tests are helpful. You need to practice test taking over and over. Also you can listen to the lectures online.
  6. by   NicuNsg
    First off let me just say, you are in no way alone!

    I failed my NCLEX the first time I took it, pure nervousness!!!!!!!!!!!! I studied Kaplan and Lippincott the 1st time, which did not make or break me. Your comfort level has almost everything to do with the success of your exam. When I re-took my exam 3 mos later I went through the hospital, the nursing educators had an NCLEX review using Saunders. That was absolutely wonderful. I looked at the amt of time I had been out of school and reminded myself, we all have a learning curve. If we don't use it we loose it. Not to mention I did not want to review something I did not need to know. Kaplan is good, but it basically only teaches test taking skills. I would review Saunders and do the CD for simulated exams. Practice, practice, practice. Then, you will be somewhat prepared and have a better frame of mind. As far as when to take your exam, that lays squarely on your shoulders. Only you can decide if your ready. I had to go into the exam mad (because I let it beat me down the 1st time), determined, and with a plan (a break every 50 questions, or when my nerves could take no more).

    I want to wish you luck and let you know your in my prayers!! You CAN do this. Before long it will be a distant memory! Keep your head high!
    Sending positive thoughts your way!!!
  7. by   imgn78
    Thanks for all the advice everyone. I, unfortunately, am nowhere near in deciding what to do. I feel like it's do or die. I don't think that all of this is good for me. I have all these questions running through my mind. I am so afraid of failing again that I'm starting to question myself immensely. I've been out of school for almost a year now so I can completely empathize with NicuNsg. I'm starting to feel like I don't know anything! Yikes! I will definitely look into Saunders review. I have been using Lippincott and Mosby's, and I've liked the Lippincott the most.

    Thanks for all the warm thoughts and encouragement. It's just what I need!
  8. by   Ortho_RN
    I just wanted to remind you that beginning April 1st... They are raising the passing standard for the test... So keep that in mind... I thought the test was hard enough...

    But if you feel you aren't ready, then you shouldn't take it yet. But honestly I'm sure you KNOW the material or you wouldn't have made it through school... Nerves are probably getting the best of you... One of my co-workers took her boards 3 times and on the 3rd time, she went to her doctor, and they gave her Inderal to take 1hr prior to the test, and she said it helped...
  9. by   jazznkate
    I too took the exam on 2/28. i got 75 questions and think I failed for sure. I didn't know this exam would have this effect on me. It is very devastating and depressing. Please help me I need someone to talk to.
  10. by   Jabber964
    If you are taking the test on the 10th good luck! I just took mine on the 8th and the machine shut off at 75. I was sooo excited because many others from my class had the same thing happen and they all passed. After my friend showed me a couple of links from these forums I don't feel so confident as a few said that they knew people who failed with 75 questions. Hope that isn't the case here but won't know til tomorrow. The waiting is torture.