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hello and good morning everyone. my classmate is requesting for everyone to read her story. its about her experience and opinions regarding our school and hesi. please be kind to her with your... Read More

  1. by   RNKel
    out the three who passed the hesi exit exam, only two passed the nclex rn exam. now, the school can state that they have 99% nclex pass rate.
    they might want to check their math. last i knew, 2 out of 3 was 66.6%. ::shrug::
  2. by   Morgan,BSN,RN-NICU
    I think that this is awful..... I am from TN and only a junior in Nursing (4 yr program) and I have already had to deal with the HESI twice. Our school makes us take the HESI 3 times before we take the exit so that's a total of 4 HESI tests. The first one we are "recommended" to make an 850 but nothing happens if we don't. The last 3 times we HAVE to make an 850 or its a summer class on NCLEX review. My school does not penelize us if we don't pass the exit because they say we already have enough to stress about. I think they should implement this in CHicago. It just dones't seem fair to me that you have succeeded in all other courses but now you can't take the NCLEX????? Thats some BS!!!
  3. by   nminodob
    Here's another thing about the school I attended - not only were we required to take the HESI, we had to buy tickets for the exam - $50! So for those who had to retake it, it was another 50 bucks each time! Are other schools making students buy tickets as well?
  4. by   taralyon2004
    I attend a ADN program in Alabama; we have 3 chances to pass the HESI with an 850 or we do not graduate and have to wait a year and reapply to the program. We have to pay to test as well. While I did pass my exam, it is hard to be happy about graduation when some of my classmates will not graduate. Many of these students have great class averages and will make excellent nurses. When I began the program, I had not even heard of HESI. Some schools nearby do not have to pass this to graduate. I empathize with all who are experiencing this problem.
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    Quote from taralyon2004
    i attend a adn program in alabama; we have 3 chances to pass the hesi with an 850 or we do not graduate and have to wait a year and reapply to the program. we have to pay to test as well. while i did pass my exam, it is hard to be happy about graduation when some of my classmates will not graduate. many of these students have great class averages and will make excellent nurses. when i began the program, i had not even heard of hesi. some schools nearby do not have to pass this to graduate. i empathize with all who are experiencing this problem.

    it's going to be a bittersweet graduation to say the least. . .
  6. by   Journey_On
    Our school has the students take HESIs for various subjects. We do have to buy the tickets for each exam. Students also had to take the exit HESI and get an 850 on it to graduate. If a student did not pass the first time, then there was one more chance to re-take it. And yes, students did have to pay the forty-something dollars to take the exit HESI, even the second time.

    However.....the faculty had a discussion about it recently and decided to not make the exit HESI a graduation requirement any longer. They explained their reasoning to us (students who did not pass). This was a huge, huge relief for me as well as other students. And now the classes behind us will not have to worry about it.
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    Quote from 2btmanrn

    STUDENTS who have attended any of the seven city colleges of chicago nursing program to come and support our mission to utilize HESI accordingly. We completed the program, therefore, we deserve to be given the opportunity to take NCLEX RN Exam. Please attend the meeting on May 7 at 800am at the District Office. Past, and current students and instructors are MOST welcome!

    Its time that we all unite as one. Please e mail or contact everyone.
    I totally understand how you feel. in my lpn program the exit hesi must be passed with an 850 or 800, and we only get three attempts. but anyways, i think it's unfair as the hesi is not a good predictor of how a student will do on the nclex exam. i'm going to forward your story to the missouri state board of nursing here and hopefully they will see how schools are doing a disservice to nursing students who have passed all of their classes.
  8. by   ericdb68
    I just took my Hesi exit exam today and was very relieved to have passed. We had to get an 850 to graduate. In reading the thread I think there is a little misunderstanding on what "percentage" it takes to pass. I'll use myself as an example. The test today consisted of 160 questions. I missed 39. This on a strict percentage is a 75.6%. My Hesi score was a 964 which is well above the 850 needed to pass. The Hesi score is a composite score and please realize that different questions are weighted differently so someone else who got a 75.6% might have a lower or higher score than me depending on the weighted difficulty of that test. Believe me I feel your pain. However, with hard work and study I think an 850 is doable.

  9. by   medicalma'am
    We also have to pass the HESI exit to graduate at 850. We are allowed three tries and have never 'lost' a student because of it. We pay nothing to take any of the many online exams we are required to take, it is included in our tuition. We took it Wednesday and several did not pass the first time and will retest next week. We have remediation available to us online. I made a 937 (81.8%) and found the 160 questions to be grueling. I was missing questions at the end just because I was SO tired. Now I only have two finals next, one in 7 days and one in 10 days. Graduation is two weeks away and the next day is pinning.

    Good luck to all of you in getting this oppressive policy changed. :heartbeat
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    Quote from 2btmanrn
    hello and good morning everyone. my classmate is requesting for everyone to read her story. its about her experience and opinions regarding our school and hesi. please be kind to her with your replies. remember, this is a very delicate subject. thanks you guys.

    [color=#333333]the academic staff at one of the city colleges of chicago awarded me my grades, which indicates mastery of their nursing program.
    [color=#333333]i was unsuccessful with the hesi exit exam, an exam that was utilized to protect their own pass rates two months before my graduation. the city colleges of chicago is implementing this exam only as an obstacle to prevent myself and other qualified classmates from taking the nclex rn exam. this strategy shows only one design, and that is only to give an artificially inflated pass rate for the school. which indicates that the city colleges of chicago lacks concern of the success of their students, but is only concern in protecting their own pass rates. i am not arguing the importance of appropriate and relevant testings. but the city colleges of chicago is using this exam to deny me and other classmates who have successfully completed the academic program the opportunity to graduate and sit for boards.

    it all boils down to the city colleges of chicago not having confidence in their own academic program. they are trying to bolster their nclex pass rates by eliminating me and other classmates from the test pool. if they have legitimate reason to question me and other students' ability to pass nclex, then why have i passed all of their nursing classes? if i had any unsatisfactory performance i should have been weeded out of the program long before completing the program! i provided above standard care of my patients and received excellent evaluations/competency from my instructors for the two years that i was in the program. my family and i sacrificed a lot. i completed the program, and paid my tuitions. my score was 85%, which indicates the probability by percentage of passing the state boards exam (nclex rn). olive harvey college stated they will not allow me to sit for boards or give me my nursing degree unless i scored 87% or above. the hesi exam is not a competency exam. only the nclex rn is the nationally recognized competency exam. i have accumulated over 100 college credit hours and most are nursing. nursing courses are not transferable. there over 1 yr. long waiting list in other nursing programs. i am in debt from college loans and with no degree to show for it. does this sound fair to you?

    in simple terms what am i talking about?
    what is the hesi exit exam? its an exam that determines the probability by percentage if you will pass the nclex rn exam. it is also used for both the faculty and students, to determine the student and nursing curriculum of their areas of weakness. in other words, it’s a probability and assessment exam.
    for example, there are 43 students who completed the nursing program. out of the 43 students only three passed the hesi exit exam. out the three who passed the hesi exit exam, only two passed the nclex rn exam. now, the school can state that they have 99% nclex pass rate. according to the state requirement, if nursing programs can show they have above 87% nclex first time test taker pass rate (i think that the%) they can attain more money from the state and it will bait more investors. but, what nobody knows is that, the 40 students who completed the program, cannot attain their nursing degree or take the nclex rn exam. those 40 students are left with nothing but a student loan, low self esteem, and humiliation. four years of nursing school down the drain.
    one more thing, there are seven colleges within the city colleges of chicago. therefore, if there are 40 students who were unsuccessful, that would not include all the other six colleges. you can assume, 40 students times 6 colleges. plus, students graduate in december and may. that’s 240 students times 2. you do the math. my classmates have been without their earned degree since 2006. i can assure you, currently, this sort of deceptive practice is still occurring city college wide. those students who were not successful, were abandoned by the school.

    another thing, the city college policy is so subjective. they chose who can and cannot re-take the hesi exam. nobody knows how and why, but its true.
    here is the kicker. you can take the nclex rn exam, according to the state licensing board up to twelve times within three years. but, the city colleges of chicago only counts those students who will pass nclex rn exam the first time. the second time test takers don’t count. i wonder how many excellent doctors, and lawyers passed their boards the first time? i would like to hear from other city colleges of chicago nursing students who are going through this. we need to get together democratically and voice our concerns. this sort of diagnostic test is not being utilized in medical school. mayor daley i hope you will read this. how many times did it take you to pass your bar exam?

    there are a lot of issues and concerns regarding the punitive uses of this exam. the creator of hesi, susan morrison has stated herself that she did not create these exams for punitive reasons, but as a learning tool. i hope i have a few supporters regarding this issue. if the city colleges of chicago truly wanted their students to be successful, they should have utilized the hesi exam throughout the curriculum and not just at the end. it should have been implemented after each nursing course, which will give the student familiarity base, and used accordingly as an assessment tool for both the faculty and student. why did they have to wait until we have completed the program? can you imagine? you received you final grades, than for the school to tell you, “oh by the way, you have to take another test, if you don’t pass this one, you will not get your nursing degree and you won’t be able sit for your licensing board?”

    i would like nothing more than your support. help my classmates, please. if you have any question please ask away. you can research this issue, there are a lot of students who have voiced their concerns. i am afraid this sort of deceptive practice is becoming a trend with most nursing programs. other programs, have taken accountability and fixed their mistakes. unfortunately, the city colleges of chicago have not. i doubt that they will.
    contact mayor daley, senator dick durbin, reporters, past, current students, nurses and anyone else you can think of to attend and advocate us. please!
    the next board meeting will be held thursday, may 7, 2009 at 9:00 a.m. room 300 district office, 226 west jackson boulevard, chicago, il 60606.

    my classmates and i do not have anymore money to take them to court and we don’t have the resources. telling our story is all i, we have. i pray a savior will come. i have faith in the lord in the people. mind you, we are not asking for a free-ride. we asking for what we worked hard for – the opportunity to take the nclex rn exam.

    i am sorry if my story if so lengthy. its been a very difficult road for me and my family, my classmates too. i, we need your help.

    please read my hesi story and see if we can help each other please contact me, i have been looking for stude

    re: hesi exit test
    i know this is a year later but even worse happened to us regarding the hesi please read my thread i started under illinois nurses its called hesi destroys lives in chicago or better yet read the one under nursing faculty-nursing educators-/hesi exit test it post number 190 done on 7/2/09 it all about how some of the answers were given to some of the students and how the school is treating the students who didn't have the answers. you really need to read this there are so many people who didn't pass hesi and are not nurses their lives are ruined. please look into to this thanks so much if you need help please email and i can send you a copy. i am going to see if i can paste it to this message.
    email me using the links above. thanks again

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    re: hesi exit test
    i am a victim of the devastating effects of the hesi. i have bad news for those who are fighting the hesi thru the city colleges. over spring break wia which is a source of school funding that people who attend city colleges are aware of tried to get a hesi reviewer in and pay for it. students who don't have wia such as myself and 13 others were not invited to the hesi review. wia at the last minute decided not to pay for the review because it is not part of the city of chicago colleges curriculm but our esteem interim director decided to allow the review to be held and students pay for it out of their own pockets it was 225.00 imagine having to come up with that at the last minute and most of us can't work in our final year. anyway the people who took the review were told quite a few of the answers to the test hesi version 1(all the students were not informed of the review they didn;t call us or let us know that they were having a hesi review). after completing our final year and passing we took a 3 day board paid for nclex review at malcom x college and then we got only 1 day to study for hesi in fact we take hesi the end of the week after our finals so we get no time to study for hesi because we are studying to pass finals (and then the 3 day review starts ) they don't even give us a week to study for hesi.

    the day before hesi the students who were at the review were emailed 80 of the answers to the questions of hesi version -1 test so for the first time ever olive harvey passed 70 students at one time some people finished the four hour test within 1 hour how about that. we who didn't get answers mailed to us were called to the school monday the day after the test and were told that some type of computer malfunction happened and those who failed could retake the test because some answers weren't recorded correctly, not everyone would retake the test just those who failed. well we were given the answers to the test version that day, which was one day after the test and of course we went in with confidence because never have 70 people passed and we were finally given the answers to 80 of the questions just like everyone else.

    the test was changed and it was much more difficult plus we spent all night studying the answers to version 1 just like the 70 classmates who had the answers saturday nite before the test. (i did ask my so called friends why would they not call everyone and make sure they had the information and i was told they thought everyone had it afterall they got it the day before the test so the had to spend the only 1 day we get to study memorizing the answers). well of course i failed 836 as well as did my other classmates. one of my classmates who failed was president of the student nurses assoc. and one of our class officers. we didn't get to graduate or take part in the pinning ceremony and i owe over 38,000.00 in student loans i did so well in school i got excellent grades and worked my fanny off. now i will never be a nurse and i am 40yrs old i wasted 4 years of my life and i have nothing but debt to show for it.

    we are not being given another review like last years students who didn't pass hesi got because it was of course so many of them just like it is every year. this year nearly the whole class passed so they are completely abandoning us. i emailed the director and she emailed me back that she is on vacation and would not answer any email until she got back aug. 17th my classmate went to see the dean and now she is answering us but only because they have too. they could care less how they have destroyed our lives. i found a document with students names who have failed the hesi and that is year after year most students and i wondered what happens to all theses people 40-50 students per school where are they?

    we got a letter saying we must pay for our own review to take the test for the second time. the first time where the 70 students passed doesn't count only the second time counted. (i know that evolve and the entire school knows that wide spread cheating went on but no one will admit it, i did get the answer sheet one day after the test and probably i wouldn't be this upset if i had of been one of those who passed cause i am aware that the odds are against us they don't teach us to pass hesi we do that on our own. so without the help the students who passed got most of them would not have passed some of them barely passed their classes.) last year the school paid for a rayfield review to come in and teach the students before they tested a second time this year we get nothing and if you don't have the money to pay for your own review by 7/3/09 you can't take the test until dec. how about that? for unfairness. they told us by letter that we must pay for our own review and we must provide proof and then we can retest on 7/17/09 or in dec.

    i would have never wasted my money and time going to nursing school working like a dog if i had known this would happen, i understand why there is a nursing shortage? i wonder if we can take the lpn or are we just stuck with nothing? i don't know what to do should i wait till dec when i will have forgotten everything or is it possible to get into another nursing school? can anyone help or give me some answers thanks in advance for any help
    left out and devastated

    nts who didn't pass hesi and wondering what happened to them
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    Is that like the ATI's we take them all the time and have to remediate when we do not pass. We can still graduate when we finish just said the boards will be harder for us. Good luck with your fight.