Is a Nclex review course really necessary?

  1. I passed the HESI with a pretty descent score (920) I was told that if you get above 870 you will pass the NCLEX 99 percent of the time. My questions is do I really need to Pay for a review course? I mean they are very expensive and I do plan on studying Saunders 4th edition and Hogan's Comprehensive Review. Has the review courses really helped. I hear so many different opinions. Money is really short these days.
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  3. by   prudence09
    I just graduated Sat. got my pin Fri. I just had my first NCLEX review today. We have it till Thurs. I can tell you yes it was a bit pricey and I wanted to grab the garbage can and hurl when I made my payment but just by going this first day I can tell you it has been worth every penny. I'm taking the Hurst review and I love it. It breaks everything down for you in simple terms. Most of it I remember but some things I need to be refreshed on. I don't know what many other people take but if you can take Hurst I would. I live in the south and that is where they are based from. Mississippi to be exact. Here's the web site. Give it a look. Hope this helps.
  4. by   caliotter3
    If a person passes the NCLEX after a review course, it is worth it. But that is not to say they couldn't have done it without the pricey course. With your score and your plans for study, you should be able to do it on your own. Whatever you choose to do, good luck.
  5. by   BabyNurse2008
    I passed the NCLEX without a review course.....I used all the review books I had bought and borrowed from others and just did as many questions as I could. Good luck!
  6. by   NRSLDT
    Doing a review course is definitely up to you. It is very good to know how to think like nurse in order to answer questions. Its not all about knowing everything. I graduated last May and I passed my NCLEX on the 1st try without a review course. I practiced questions daily and really studied the rationales. GOOD LUCK!
  7. by   emtb2rn
    I thought the Kaplan review was an excellent resource in terms of getting ready for the test from a test taking perspective. The format of Kaplan is identical to the NCLEX. Same screen colors, fonts, question style. The NCLEX was just like taking a Kaplan test bank only easier.

    The Kaplan program assumes you're OK on content and focuses on test taking skills. I strongly recommend it as you've already invested so much in your education, why not put the final piece in place?
  8. by   amwhit
    I am taking the 4 day live Hurst review. I have not learned anything new but, they do put it in simple terms for you. Tomorrow is the last day and they are going to go over questions with us and give us rationales. Also a CD is included to study at home. Very expensive. I'm not sure that I would choose to take it again. If you are unsure of some of your content then it is a great review.
  9. by   ChiSmile6
    I passed Hesi with a 1060 and thought oh no way am I going to take an NCLEX review but now I kind of regret not doing it...Oh well..I hear that the NCLEX review classes are nice b/c they go over a lot of practice questions and then really concentrate on the rationales. My one friend said she thought she learned a lot in those 3 days but my roommate says she thought it was a waste of time. Keep on studying the way you have been and you will be fine...that's what I am going to do! You did something right b/c you passed the HESI!
  10. by   starzburst
    I just finished taking the Kaplan instructor-led course and it did help me a lot as I gained about 20% from the initial diagnostic test to above passing rate on the readiness test. The instructor was wonderful about explaining the rationales and even went beyond to what the questions asked. I find that answering questions helped me more than reviewing content so I did all of the questions on the Kaplan QBank and QTrainers. I also purchased the Saunders Q&A book and have been answering questions there as well. I think Kaplan was well worth the money for me because it did give me a lot of test taking strategies. I'm taking NCLEX on Monday, so we'll see if it really was worth it :P
  11. by   DaFreak71
    It's only necessary if you don't feel ready to take the NCLEX. I wouldn't pay for a review course if I felt I didn't need it.

    That being said...I've had experience with Hurst and Saunders. I did not like Hurst. I took the three month online course during summer break while I was in school. I had access to the video's, the notes, the test, etc. It was very dumbed down and I didn't feel like I learned anything from it. Marlene Hurst is entertaining to listen to however.

    Regarding Saunders, I liked it because the rationales were very good. I needed a brush up of the maternal child material and it definitely did that. (of course I only got one OB question on NCLEX PN LOL).

    I would just crack open the textbooks and go over the stuff you feel least confident about. But with HESI scores like that, I wouldn't bother.

    Now go pass the NCLEX!
  12. by   motivated2nurse
    I took Dr. Martin's review, I passed with 75 questions, so I quess in the end it was worth it. HOWEVER, I really do think, looking back, the results would have been the same if I did or didnt take the course.
  13. by   melj0505
    I was distraught over whether to take an NCLEX review course or not after I graduated. Two weeks before my graduation, my school gave us a 3 day review course by a company called ERI. Most people haven't heard of them. The review was okay..I didn't feel it helped much but they did give us a useful book that help guide my studying this summer. Anywho..I decided to NOT take Kaplan or Hurst or any review courses. I didn't have hundreds of dollars to spend and one of my professors who knew me well told me that I would be fine without it. She told me I always did well on tests so I would be fine (even though in the back on my head I knew that plenty of people do well in school like me but thenhave trouble passing NCLEX so it was hard to trust her words!!) I made up my own study plan that worked for me and used a couple of review books and passed NCLEX on the first try So basically in my rambling you may do just fine without a review course..don't take one just bc you feel like everyone else is.
  14. by   panphila

    I am scheduled to take the NCLEX in two weeks. I have already done about 2000 questions and read the rationals to the ones I have missed. I don't want to take a review course, but would like to hear how others prepared for the NCLEX. I scored 850 on the HESI without studying for it. I have Saunders, Mosby, Lippincott, Zerwekh. I'm getting nervous as I spend hours studying and seem to feel like there is so much to know. I also read the stratgies in the Kaplan. Any plan or suggestions would be greatly appreciated. I made the mistake of looking on this site for prep with the NCLEx and a lot of seem to be using the Kaplan Reivew or something. Aren't these books that cost an arm and a leg good for something??? :wink2:

    Trying not to sweat the small stuff.