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I'm so ashamed, I can't sleep, eat or think of anything else. I'm a new RN, passed my boards in July and have been working nights since. I started that night on the wrong foot taking that room in the... Read More

  1. by   rellco40
    Don't be ashamed.......! I am a 14 month nurse with the same fears and concerns about myself. It's not always easy to find someone to trust and ask for help.

    You learned from that experience ... there will be more!
  2. by   CarVsTree
    Before y'all rip on each other... keep in mind this original post is from almost a year ago. It's been argued pretty well... Perhaps we shouln't re-hash it.
  3. by   augigi
    What I found helpful starting out was carry around a notebook, and ANY TIME you find yourself in an unfamiliar situation/med/condition etc write it down, take it home, and look it up.

    I think the finger pointers, particularly Daytonite, are what is wrong with nursing. We all make mistakes. I'd be worried if she hadn't come here, mea culpa, admitted her mistake, asked for help. But she did.

    Why don't we support each other? How else is a new nurse to learn? People panic and forget their training in any number of situations. Who knows what was going through her head? Of course it was unsafe, but there is a whole hospital full of nurses there, so it's not like noone could have helped if the situation became emergent.

    I am sure I am not being eloquent as I am so angry after reading this thread. I do not wish to minimize the error both in action and judgement, as patient safety must be of paramount importance, and I'm sure that is what is guiding Daytonite's remarks.

    But this "profession" will never be a profession until we support each other, and teach rather than taunt. How can we care so much for patients and so little for each other?
  4. by   RNsRWe
    guys? the person who wrote this original worry did so in november of 2005....i think she's moved on
  5. by   afty2
    yeah probably find a new profession, what if somebody neglected your father in law in the other bed? thats not fair
  6. by   timetospreadmywings
    YOU GO GIRL!!!!!! I agree with you. I'm not saying that what she done was right, but she beat herself up enough. And, who are we to cast the first stone when we've probably done stupid things too????? My advice would be, no matter how serious the situation......always notify someone of the incident....even if you're not sure of yourself....because our oath in nursing is to advocate for the patient. Let it be a lesson learned and put measures into place so you will be better prepared next time.
  7. by   csiln
    WHERE WAS YOUR PRECEPTOR? I know how you would feel.
  8. by   csiln
    Ha, laughing at myself. Just noticed the date!! Anyone know how this OP is doing?
  9. by   ginger58
    Quote from ALMED
    I'm so ashamed, I can't sleep, eat or think of anything else. I I was faced with a crisis, I did not know what to do, so instead of asking for help, I ignored it! My stomach is flipping thinking about it. Maybe it's the shift, I am not myself at home either, not smiling, being grouchy. I just don't know. I do not trust myself right now. Any advice??
    Listen, forgive yourself. Facing a crisis as a new grad is a scarey thing, as it is for some more experienced nurses. You'll never do that again. We learn best from our mistakes.

    He could have not come into the hospital and seized some where else. That's one of the risks of overdrinking. You'll know next time. I bet these folks beating you up have made some other errors they're not proud of.

    I worked nocs for many years and I found after several nocs I got very grouchy/irritable. It disrupts your Circadian rhythm. Don't give up. Try for a different shift if you need to. It gets better.