I received my ATT. Need advice.

  1. :uhoh21: Hi, everyone. I received my ATT yesterday and I'm nervous. I've been studying Saunders and Delmar. I also have been doing review questions on the CD.I need some encouragement. Is it better to take the test right away or wait two months and continue studying.
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  3. by   Gator,SN
    First of all, relax!! Easier said then done, I know, but its important! For sure though, you don't want to be sabotaged by nerves. Each person is different so no one can say if it is better to wait. If you are studying and getting at least 70% on the practice tests then you are doing ok. Try to do as many questions as you can. I have heard that the more you do, the better. Do you feel that you are ready?? If so, then you will do just fine! Good luck!
  4. by   PCGrad06
    think of it as "just another exam in your nursing program".:chuckle remember you

    have been learning about this stuff all along. but i know how you feel because i am still afraid to take my cna exam. keep you chin up. the light at the end

    of the tunnel is this; nothing to study ever again and you will be nurse getting paid to do all the things you have been doing!

    good luck & remember to breath
  5. by   CardioTrans
    First of all, dont work yourself into a panic. You have made it this far, and have been allowed to test. Keep in mind, that when you take boards, they want text book answers, not real world answers. Also, you will be surprised at how much you know. Like the other poster said, if you are answering at least 70% of your practice questions right, you are doing pretty well. Dont cram either. If you dont know it by now, you are not going to learn it in a few wks. If you have any weak areas, brush up on that section in the test book. Break back out notes or your text books if you need to. Most of all, relax and be proud. You just made it through nursing school!
  6. by   Brickman
    Keep in mind that 85% of US trained nursing school graduates pass the first time.
  7. by   MishlB
    Take the test NOW!!!!!
  8. by   angel 4
    I take the exam July 15 @ 9:00am. I have about a month and a couple of weeks to prepare. wish me luck and thank you for your encouragement.
  9. by   newgrad04
    Angel 4 - why July. You'll drive yourself nuts before then, just thinking about having to take the test. I know, I couldn't wait that long. I'm still waiting for my ATT, but I'll try to get it scheduled ASAP so I won't go crazy waiting! NERVOUS!!! Good luck to you!
  10. by   angel 4
    I thought about studying some of the areas that I need to brush up on. So I can use my notes and textbook to study and continue to practice the CD. I should be ready for the time I take the test.
  11. by   Love-A-Nurse
    all the best to you!
  12. by   Zen.RN
    Relax and take it soon! I took mine on June 1st and passed but felt like I failed when I left. Keep doing the CDs and focus on prioritization that was what most of my questions delt with. Stay positive the end is near!

    Tim RN
    I love being able to wirte that!