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Feeling a little discouraged..over 2 months since graduation, I passed NCLEX on my first attempt with 75 job yet :confused:... Read More

  1. by   LindaB73
    I graduated in August and got two job offers in October.
  2. by   RN_Marie
    Graduated February 2012, took the nclex-rn March 6, licensed March 8 and got a job March 13 (4 business days after I received my license).

    I did not have a job all throughout nursing school. I was not employed by any hospital at the time of graduation.
  3. by   Eric Cartman
    It took me 10 months, after graduating with my ADN-RN, in Philadelphia.
  4. by   fizzlepop
    I graduated in May 2011, passed the NCLEX in June 2011, and then promptly moved to another state to facilitate my love of skiing. I was hired February 2012, and it was an uphill battle.
  5. by   Ettlin
    I graduated with an ASN in December (2011), took the boards at the end of December, and have been working as an ER Tech. I got offered an internship position in the ER that doesn't start until July and in the meanwhile I"m going to continue to work as a tech (although they've given me a Nurse Extern title and a small pay raise for now). I feel very lucky to be starting in the ER, my first choice for an RN position. Some of my classmates had jobs lined up before they graduated, and others are still pounding the pavement.
  6. by   RNsuperstar
    Graduated Oct 2011, Pass NCLEX 2011, Got job, started working Feb 2011. Currently working as an RN in a hospital on a MS floor. Love it!
  7. by   gallllatea
    I don't think how many questions it took you to pass the nclex has any bearing on employment. No one is going to ask you that in a job interview, but they will ask you a host of other questions. I'm finding that people in my program that are on the ball applying long before graduation have the jobs first, before even taking the NCLEX. Most people pass it and they care more about how you are as an employee. I guess what I'm saying is the early bird gets the worm, regardless of qualifications, they can't hire you if you don't apply.
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  8. by   macgirl
    i put in a few applications before nclex-rn. but until i passed nclex and put my licence number on my applications i got no calls. if fact some employers state flat out don't apply until you pass. i graduated in dec 2011, took and passed nclex end of jan. first of feb i had my licence number. i applied like goal was 3 applications a day. but in some places i could do one application and apply to up to 20 jobs. allthat said, i had an interview on the 9th and on the 13th i had job. i got another job offer on the 15th and then spent the rest of the month turning down jobs and interviews. and then a few the following month.
  9. by   240zRN
    Graduated June 2011. NCLEX August 2011. First 3 Job Offers May 2012. 11 Months from Graduation, 9 months from NCLEX. Live in Northern CA Bay Area. Its a jungle out here.
  10. by   Kiki.RN
    I graduated with my ADN in December 2011, passed my NCLEX the beginning of February. I didn't bother applying to jobs until I got my license. I applied to about 50-60 jobs before I finally got an interview in May... first interview and I got it! I started this week! Good luck to all of those new grads looking for jobs, don't get discouraged keep hitting those job boards hard! Attend interview and resume workshops available in your community, get out there and sell yourself to those recruiters! I have friends that graduated last May... some have found jobs... some have not :/ Hang in there!
  11. by   limerick1913
    I graduated with my BSN Jan. 20, 2012.....took the NCLEX on Jan 27th. Got my job Jan. 31st. Totally blessed to get a job where I did my senior preceptorship.
  12. by   Alikatz
    Graduated May 2012 (I put out in a bunch of applications to graduate nurse programs in February 2012). I haven't taken NCLEX-RN yet, but will be soon. Landed my first interview last week and got the call today and accepted the job (my dream job to boot)!! It's very competitive where I am, with hundreds of applicants just for the position I was fortunate to receive!