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i go to school in montgomery co. texas and have done okay in the nursing program making mainly bs through out the course, but i am not good at taking nursing test. comming from a trade background i... Read More

  1. by   cardiacRN2006
    Quote from tfleuter
    That's EXACTLY my point! If someone isn't going to be able to pass these exams for whatever reason, better to dismiss them earlier in the program and save that person time and money

    Why is it worse for a student to fail out in the 2nd or 3rd semester as opposed to the last? Testing throughtout the course allows the school to evaluate the student and their program at every stage. Of course students should be held to a standard - from the beginning! Don't skirt a student along with mediocre grades and comprehension and then wait till the end of the program to see if they have really learned what they needed to. Identify it EARLY! If its really about doing whats best for the student and the school, remove the ones who either don't have the aptitude or motivation to learn the material. Students and teachers will benefit from smaller class sizes later in the program, and those who are dismissed will at least saved themselves money and time to pursue another degree.

    This isn't about advocating for sub-standard students to be "carried" through a program and allowed to graduate with inadequate knowledge or ability. Its about indentifying them as soon as possible instead of at the end.

    ***I should note that I am not suggesting anyone in this thread is a substandard student, but just acknowleding that they do exist and should be dealt with sooner, rather than later***

    I agree. But the substandard students would be here online whining about how they already failed out after 2nd semester and were "never given a chance"

    See, those who fail this test will always blame the test. No matter when it's administered. Then they will blame the teachers, the school, the electrictions in the room, the thoughts in thier head.

    Never themselves. There is a HESI study guide. How many have reviewed it prior to taking the test 3, 4, or 5 times?

    I'm cool with having to pass a HESI each and every semester. This is a standardized test. This is what we should know. If people are getting A's and B's and then fail the simple and straightforward HESI, then they didn't learn what they should have to be a nurse (according to their schools).

    I actually researched my school prior to entering it to see what I needed to do to pass. I went to the bookstore, talked with the admitting people, etc. It was the only CC in town, but I still did basic research.

    But just because the school is substandard, doesn't mean that students should pass anyway. Especially if they can't pass a standardized exam.

    Fact is, HESI is here to stay, and people need to figure out how to pass it.

    You know, in my state, we have standardized exams that students need to pass in order to graduate high school. That's right, they can also get A's and B's in all their classes, but if they don't pass a series of exams, then they don't graduate.
  2. by   tfleuter
    I agree. But the substandard students would be here online whining about how they already failed out after 2nd semester and were "never given a chance"
    People will always find something to complain about, whether or not they have a legitamate concern. This shouldn't have any weight on the discussion at hand.

    But just because the school is substandard, doesn't mean that students should pass anyway. Especially if they can't pass a standardized exam.
    No, they shouldn't, but then again the school should not continue to operate in such a way that they keep churning out unprepared students either. Some schools appear to be hiding their substandard programs by using exit exams. That, I think, is what most posters here are alluding to.

    Fact is, HESI is here to stay, and people need to figure out how to pass it.
    And schools have a responsibility to their students to prepare them adequately for that test. Some students may not take full advantage of the support given, but does not change the fact that each program needs to ensure that they are providing an adequate education.
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    in case this hasnt been posted before..... and in my humble (or not so much, maybe) opinion..hesi and all the nclex study books/systems are about one thing.....money.........didnt do any of it and passed first time. (long time ago, 1985)
  4. by   Kevin RN08
    I have not read all 10 pages of this thread and what I have to say may have been said already ...
    First off, HESI was never intended to be a "graded" test. It was designed to be an evaluation tool for students and schools to identify strengths and weaknesses. Providing a measurement tool for students to correct knowledge deficits prior to NCLEX, and schools to correct program faults.
    Secondly, the test should be administered at different stages. We had one after 2nd semester that was cumulative to that point and another that was cumulative for the program. Each time we (students) were provided results, had to devise a remediation plan to correct deficient areas and retest in 2-3 weeks.
    Yes HESI is a pain in the butt, Yes it is intimidating, but so is NCLEX. And if used correctly as an evaluation tool HESI can save the student money by rendering review courses obsolete because students already know the material.

    Misuse of this tool is where the problem lies, in my opinion. Just like if you use a hammer to drive a screw into a wall to hold a shelf, it's not a fault of the hammer or the screw when the shelf falls down, it was the fault of the operator.
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    re: hesi exit test
    i know this is a year later but even worse happened to us regarding the hesi please read my thread i started under illinois nurses its called hesi destroys lives in chicago or better yet read the one under nursing faculty-nursing educators-/hesi exit test it post number 190 done on 7/2/09 it all about how some of the answers were given to some of the students and how the school is treating the students who didn't have the answers. you really need to read this there are so many people who didn't pass hesi and are not nurses their lives are ruined. please look into to this thanks so much if you need help please email and i can send you a copy. i am going to see if i can paste it to this message.
    email me using the links above. thanks again

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    re: hesi exit test
    i am a victim of the devastating effects of the hesi. i have bad news for those who are fighting the hesi thru the city colleges. over spring break wia which is a source of school funding that people who attend city colleges are aware of tried to get a hesi reviewer in and pay for it. students who don't have wia such as myself and 13 others were not invited to the hesi review. wia at the last minute decided not to pay for the review because it is not part of the city of chicago colleges curriculm but our esteem interim director decided to allow the review to be held and students pay for it out of their own pockets it was 225.00 imagine having to come up with that at the last minute and most of us can't work in our final year. anyway the people who took the review were told quite a few of the answers to the test hesi version 1(all the students were not informed of the review they didn;t call us or let us know that they were having a hesi review). after completing our final year and passing we took a 3 day board paid for nclex review at malcom x college and then we got only 1 day to study for hesi in fact we take hesi the end of the week after our finals so we get no time to study for hesi because we are studying to pass finals (and then the 3 day review starts ) they don't even give us a week to study for hesi.

    the day before hesi the students who were at the review were emailed 80 of the answers to the questions of hesi version -1 test so for the first time ever olive harvey passed 70 students at one time some people finished the four hour test within 1 hour how about that. we who didn't get answers mailed to us were called to the school monday the day after the test and were told that some type of computer malfunction happened and those who failed could retake the test because some answers weren't recorded correctly, not everyone would retake the test just those who failed. well we were given the answers to the test version that day, which was one day after the test and of course we went in with confidence because never have 70 people passed and we were finally given the answers to 80 of the questions just like everyone else.

    the test was changed and it was much more difficult plus we spent all night studying the answers to version 1 just like the 70 classmates who had the answers saturday nite before the test. (i did ask my so called friends why would they not call everyone and make sure they had the information and i was told they thought everyone had it afterall they got it the day before the test so the had to spend the only 1 day we get to study memorizing the answers). well of course i failed 836 as well as did my other classmates. one of my classmates who failed was president of the student nurses assoc. and one of our class officers. we didn't get to graduate or take part in the pinning ceremony and i owe over 38,000.00 in student loans i did so well in school i got excellent grades and worked my fanny off. now i will never be a nurse and i am 40yrs old i wasted 4 years of my life and i have nothing but debt to show for it.

    we are not being given another review like last years students who didn't pass hesi got because it was of course so many of them just like it is every year. this year nearly the whole class passed so they are completely abandoning us. i emailed the director and she emailed me back that she is on vacation and would not answer any email until she got back aug. 17th my classmate went to see the dean and now she is answering us but only because they have too. they could care less how they have destroyed our lives. i found a document with students names who have failed the hesi and that is year after year most students and i wondered what happens to all theses people 40-50 students per school where are they?

    we got a letter saying we must pay for our own review to take the test for the second time. the first time where the 70 students passed doesn't count only the second time counted. (i know that evolve and the entire school knows that wide spread cheating went on but no one will admit it, i did get the answer sheet one day after the test and probably i wouldn't be this upset if i had of been one of those who passed cause i am aware that the odds are against us they don't teach us to pass hesi we do that on our own. so without the help the students who passed got most of them would not have passed some of them barely passed their classes.) last year the school paid for a rayfield review to come in and teach the students before they tested a second time this year we get nothing and if you don't have the money to pay for your own review by 7/3/09 you can't take the test until dec. how about that? for unfairness. they told us by letter that we must pay for our own review and we must provide proof and then we can retest on 7/17/09 or in dec.

    i would have never wasted my money and time going to nursing school working like a dog if i had known this would happen, i understand why there is a nursing shortage? i wonder if we can take the lpn or are we just stuck with nothing? i don't know what to do should i wait till dec when i will have forgotten everything or is it possible to get into another nursing school? can anyone help or give me some answers thanks in advance for any help
    left out and devastated
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  6. by   cardiacRN2006
    Quote from AmparoG-Mckinley
    I understand why there is a nursing shortage?

    Lol... you're kidding, right?

    You think there WAS a nursing shortage due to HESI?

    Plenty of qualified people passed HESI. The nursing shortage that we enjoyed a few years back was due to actual nursing conditions...not a simple exit exam.

  7. by   LEN-RN
    If it wasn't the hesi then it would be the nclex. If not the nclex, its some sort of discrimination for not being hired, or discrimination for being fired. Always somebody elses fault.
  8. by   ♪♫ in my ♥
    My school uses the ATI subject-matter tests as the comprehensive final for each class and the overall ATI for the comprehensive final in order to graduate.

    I personally don't feel like it's a very effective means of teaching/testing but I knew this was their policy when I started and all of the students in my program are judged by the same standard. I chose to enter the program so the onus is on me.

    I don't see where there's really much justification for all the complaining.
  9. by   Inspired Nurse
    I must say I have read several post and I feel like Hesi should be used for what it was intended for a marker, not an all or nothing deal. Schools have put to much emphasis on people not making the score needed and forgot they are educators if you see a deficiency help the student with remediation.
    I recently completed a nursing program and did not pass the Hesi exam. I am not bitter or upset about it, I graduated with honors and was unsuccesful in three attempts to pass the exam. What I am disgusted about and considering filing a law suit about is, our school requires you to pass with 850, Some people were passed that didn't make 850 which is unfair. Who determines if we don't follow guidelines that have been set whether you pass/fail if the requisite score was not made. I question the validity and fairness in this process at my school.
  10. by   ♪♫ in my ♥
    I'm prepping for our end-of-program comprehensive final: The ATI. Pretty much the same thing as the HESI.

    So I got to thinking: What we need is a HESI/ATI preparation program!

    Seriously, I'm not toooo worried about it but the whole idea that you have to effectively be ready to pass the NCLEX on the last day of your last semester is a little silly. I've been so buried with busy-work this semester that I've not been able to study nearly as much as I will in the four weeks before I take the NCLEX.

    The notion that I could be denied graduation and the opportunity to even take the NCLEX because ATI predicts I only have a 75% chance of passing is ludicrous.
  11. by   tleach
    Does anyone know of a lawyer that deals with educational law/policies? I am having a hard time trying to find one.

  12. by   wannabeanurse13
    I have a question about the Hesi exam. We were in the week of our finals when we had to study for it and take it. It went like this: Hesi test, then a reivew, then who failed it had to retake and pass or fail the nursing program. All in the middle of finals week. Due to trying to pass the hesi and all the studying I did for it to make sure I could go sit at boards I ended up dropping points in my ob class and didnt have enough to pass after my final. So I passed the Hesi and not the class. Is that fair? Is that they way it should be done. Either way, its a money maker for my school. I have written my states board to complain because I find that unfair. I had to pass both, so which battle was I supposed to choose here? Now I am out all the time money and my family is completely disgruntled because I have failed. Now I have to pay back school loans for something that I never got! Hesi was a dream killer for me! Any one have any suggestions? I am completely out of money, single mom, and not all that young anymore. Now I have nothing and I am so depressed.
  13. by   wannabeanurse13
    re: tleach27

    no i dont but if you find one please let me know!