Great gift for new grad RN?

  1. We're graduating in December and I'd like to get my study-budy/best friend something very special. Any and all suggestions are welcome.

    She's plans to pursue Pedi Nursing. TIA
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  3. by   Goldenhare
    Does she have her peds stethoscope yet? Or a watch with a funny face?
  4. by   MamaCheese
    She has neither. Can you recommend a good online source? Thanks!!
  5. by   ansturge for the stethoscopes

    im hoping for a littman for Christmas or graduation myself
  6. by   KatieBell
    I was strapped for cash when i graduated. here is what i did for my most bestest friend ever.

    I got a pencil box - the bigger kind, from Walmart. On the front I put some funny nursing cartoon, and her name with RN after it.

    inside went: Bandage scissors, a roll of tape, a small bottle of hand lotion, and a small bottle of tylenol, a roll of quarters for the vending machine (night shift the cafeteria sometimes closes), a pair of hemostats, several cool pens, a few snack bars and a few mixes of cocoa in packets. On the inside lid I put a card with important hospital numbers (I was already an aide there)like pharmacy, lab, etc. and a photo of her children.

    It didn't cost too much and was a big hit- she used it for several years, though I think it probably is in the trash now.

    I'm also fond of those necklaces with the Cadecusus and RN on them...always have wanted one of those.
  7. by   Jessy_RN
    Great gift ideas. Also, you can try the good ol' generic. Gift card or treat her to a nice dinner.
  8. by   Goldenhare
    I like the box idea! I might make one up for me!
    As far as online sources go, ebay is always good but I suppose you should have an idea about what you are looking for. If I remember where online I got my stethoscope, I'll post the address.
  9. by   elkpark
    A good stethoscope is a great gift, and you can have the metal part engraved with her name, the date, and anything else you want to say -- your name, something about your friendship, etc. ("Jane Smith, (graduation date), from Sue Brown -- Best Buds 4Ever" or whatever would be appropriate). Makes it v. personal and special!
  10. by   christvs
    I bought myself a littman stethoscope with my initals engraved on it-a good idea! What about some books on your first year of nursing & how to survive it-there's quite a few books out on the topic.
  11. by   sunnyjohn
    An American Express gift check. That way if she is broke she can buy what she needs.