First week of class wasn't what I expected.

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Alright, this is my first post. I'm new to this so if I make any social web faux pas I ask to be excused. I was kicked out of my Nursing program the first week due to...irreconcilable differences between the instructor and I. I simply cannot imagine spending 2 years being taught by a woman who seems to have no passion for the field of Nursing. Any recommendations of good Nursing schools in New York State?? Thanks so much, and Take care.

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What a great idea!

In a previous incarnation, I used to 'push troops' in medic AIT at FSH, down the hill from BAMC.

It's a tossup, whether the subject would have made it or washed out--assuming he made it thru basic training, first.

First week of class, there, probably wouldn't have been what he expected, either.

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Two words:

Man up.

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Careteam70, I see where you are coming from, I just had mrbojangles' condisending up to my eyebrows. I know, as well as you do, if he can't handle the first week of nursing school, how in the heck can he handle boot camp! Let alone training. And then there is the field, and you know as well as I do, that the "field" in military terms isn't always a cushy clean hospital.

Then the kid's who cry that nurses are too hard on them, that we "eat" our new nurses. When are they going to wake up and smell the coffee? If they can't handle the heat from other nurses, how are they going to fare when there is an emergency on the floor?

I have to agree with some of the others...if you cannot deal with one teacher in Nursing school, how will you ever deal with all the different types of people/personalities in the hospital...doctors are the worst, they don't care who they offend, even if they are wrong. We've all had teachers who we did not like or agree with, but I looked at it as it's OK to agree to disagree...not everyone thinks alike...not everyone knows everything, although there are alot of people out there who think they do...there will be good and bad nursing teachers, as well as good and bad medical professionals. I'm afraid to say with your attitude about not paying to be taught by someone who thinks a certain way, you may never be going back to nursing school. I had a teacher like you spoke about...we all thought how in the world can she be a teacher..well she just got her evidently she knew more than we thought she did. My best info for nursing school is don't rock the boat, because it will cause you grief, while in nursing school...what you don't pick up in nursing lectures, you'll have to do on your own....use study groups, the school library,etc...Teachers are there to introduce the material, but it is our responsiblity of how far we want to take it after that classroom time. I learned real quick the effort I made to learn outside of lecture class, is what got me through nursing school, not what or how that teacher taught the class. Nursing school is not easy, that why so many people don't make it through....Good Luck with your endeavor.

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I remember my first week of nursing school. I observed one of my teacher's behavior: her confusion and inability to lead or follow class discussion, speed-talking alternating with quiet mumbles, facial twitches, and ruthless aggression toward students.

I came to the conclusion that she was chemically-addicted.

So, I ducked my head down, ignored her activities, and read chapters during every class with her. Between classes, I heard numerous other students report on her weird behavior and their frustrations with her ineptitude. She made up test scores, she explained the heart function incorrectly, she often didn't show up to teach class, or was very late.

A student who complained to the lead teacher wanted to submit a grievance. He was threatened to be expelled from the program.

It was a very difficult experience to have her as a teacher, but I got good advice early on. A friend told me that, at some point, this teacher will do something terribly unethical, and she will lose her job. Until then, my goal should be to complete the program, and avoid being distracted by the teacher's problems.

I wasn't perfect at that, but after a few weeks, I successfully focused on course content and the progress of my study group instead of the teacher.

My suggestions are:

- Don't let a difficult teacher take your attention and focus from your real goal;

- Take a deep breath when it gets rough, and excuse yourself and go to the bathroom when you need a break from the madness;

- Raise your hand once in a while in class to keep in neutral territory; and,

- Study, study, study!

Yes, but there are some down right mean instructors out there, and don't deny it. We as students are told not to act out, well, there is a professor, and she acts out all the time. We had to go to the dean over her, and she has definitely got a better attitude. Some of these who teach nursing say they are sick of working in the hospitals. What they do not want to help other who are in need of care. Makes a few of us in class wonder about some of our nursing instructors.

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In Response to careteam70:

You were slightly more eloquent in your response...but once again, I'm not going to pay to have unfit instructors attempt to teach me.

You judged your instructor "unfit" to teach you in one week?

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I'm want to and am going to be a nurse, not just a licenced or registered nurse on paper, I mean a GOOD nurse, with my heart.

Then you need to develop some competent communication skills in order to line up your path with your goals. As someone else mentioned: you didn't quit, you got kicked out. Any way you slice it, getting booted out of a program in the first week for whatever you did is no way to progress toward become any kind of nurse. Or any kind of anything.

I would suggest you go to any counseling office you can ask describe the trouble you are having. They may be able to provide you with some resources that help you develop skills to better handle conflict. You are going to need them.

well, right now in America, bad teachers at all levels are being held accountable. So, these maladaptive behaving, acting out nursing instructors should mend their ways too. There is going to be a whole revamping of the American educational system-entirely. I know it sounds scary, but I am actually glad to see that once and for all this issue of mean nursing instructors may be done away with, and the excellent nursing instructors will keep their jobs and get the reward they deserve.

I think the main issues is being misses here. Look, there are some that try to teach nursing, and do a poor job, and there are some that have just have no business teaching nursing period. What do you really think one of the reason is that nurses make medications errors? Exactly, one discovery was poor nursing teaching in pharmacology and clinical training.

No one has to take abuse in nursing school, not one student.

In a lot of the nursing classes here, the dean of nursing will surprise the instructors when they sit in on class lecture. The nursing instructors get all flustered, knowing that they cannot give smart answers to the nursing student asking the question. So, yes every educator of nursing needs to think about whether maybe they want to continue teaching nursing with an honest firm hand, or be a smart a** with the students and lose their jobs.

Do you feel that your age has something to do with it? I have """sensed""" that some nursing instructors are partial towards the younger students. TRUE, VERY,VERY TRUE.

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