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Just found out this morning I PASSED my boards so I'm moving on over to this board!! Just wanted to say HI to everyone on here!!

Congratulations!!!! Best of luck to you :)

Congratulations!!!! Best of luck to you :)

Thank you!!

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Welcome and congratulations :)

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Congratulations! Welcome.

:yeah:Freaking awesome!!!!! CONGRATS!!!!!! Now let the job hunt begin. ^_^

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Hello, Congrats! and :welcome: :)

Thanks so much everyone!!

Glenna, LPN- I actually have already been working! I got a job at a clinic where I did clinicals in nursing school! I started there the week after I graduated and have been working as a GVN until I passed my boards! :)

:w00t: Congrats!

Isn't it the best feeling?? I just passed mine 2 weeks ago. Congrats!!!!

Congrats! I cried, no, I sobbed when I found out I passed the NCLEX!

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