First 70 days :(

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I'm 70 days into my first nursing job and I am not doing well. I have to call my co workers 3-4 times a night. And I make charting errors and have to come in and fix how i word things. I forget paper work at least once every 2 weeks. I'm getting discouraged. Is this normal or do I need to find an easier job? I'm so discouraged. I told my self I'd wait 90 days but I don't feel any more confident.



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You will be fine..I'm sure someone else has made mistakes...just take ur time nothing wrong with asking for help



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You will get it. I'm new to nursing also. We had 30days of training, then on our own. If your work isn't being understanding, look for a dif job. My place has been great. Yes I stay late to finish p/w and come in early sometimes to make sure things I hv done are covered. I have sent a few texts and fyis to the nurses who follow me. You are learning. Don't be so tough on yourself. Don't give yourself a time limit. If you are doing the best you can and love/like what you are doing, it will click. We all get overwhelmed and it's ok. Stay positive. Speak kindly to yourself. :)


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I was supposed to receive 5 days of training on my first LPN job, and I only received one day. I made a check list of things that I was supposed to chart on, check and flagged my MAR for things that I was supposed to pass or take care of or highlight if allowed. Stick with it and don't be afraid to ask for help. It will get better, HUGS!



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15 years of nursing and I forget things - get home and realize I didn't chart x or finish y form. Amazingly there is the next day - late entry's are not the end of the world. There's a lot to do. Give yourself a break. Focus on your most important part of nursing - Patient care/ meds/treatments/orders - those you can't forget. You'll find you forget less and less as everything becomes more routine.



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Post its are my best friend. That and my "NOTEBOOK".

I got a small spiral. Every unit I was on I asked to see their phone lists, protocal flowcharts...anything they use to direct care.

I ran over to a dept that had a copy machine and shrunk them to 65%. Return originals and then cut out and tape those in my notebook. I also made checklists. Notes on each dept as far as charting, documenting etc...

I refer to it constantly.

It fits in my pocket and is now pretty full. It isn't organized perfectly but I will redo it later when I figure out what I need and don't. For now it's my lifeline.

Oh and I make mistakes too.

We enter the billing charges where I work...getting that part was difficult. Some things we charge some we don't. Some dr's charge for. It's a learning process no one can fault you for not knowing or remembering EVERYTHING with only 1 day training. I had 4wks and I still forget things.

As long as patient care is your priority you will be fine.

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Oh my word. I have been there, and I know how you feel. Don't give up!

If you currently aren't using any type of note taking/assessment form to organize your shift, I'd highly suggest you start. Make your own- you know what will organize you and jog your memory the best. However, there may be samples online!

Plus, from your post, it sounds like you're mainly having trouble with the paperwork aspect. That's to be understood...I know it plagued me. I hate paperwork! You will get there.



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Let me start by saying that this is somewhat normal. Just make sure you are improving. I will always work with someone as long as they are putting in the effort to get and be better. Nursing is a very tough job. Instead of waiting to hear what you messed up, go to the supervisor and ask them to give you feedback as to what you can do to improve. They love that stuff.

Also, you say you're calling your co-workers 3-4 times per night. What for? Is it different stuff each time? Don't get too discourage, just make sure that when you do make a mistake or need help that you don't repeat it over and over. I agree with the above, as a new nurse, your workplace needs to be understanding and help you tread above water. :-) Good luck!