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    Tired of Hearing the One Year Experience Required Line!!

    I am an LVN. I graduated last year in august. I looked for a job...looked and looked. Begged and pleaded. I spent hours and hours over the past year pouring over my resume, writing specifc cover letters and just trying to land a job. I fell into a depression. It sucked. It was pretty bad. I finally woke up one day and said..today will be the day and I landed a temp job. I was able to do some private duty work for a specific client (private pay no agency) that I worked with a team to provide post surgical care for a client with a RN as my charge. While it really helped me regain some hope... I have literally 2 mo. of "experience". They didn't tell us about this in nursing school. They told us there was a shortage. They told us our clinical time would count as experience. I feel betrayed. I feel that I wasted a year. I feel like my family sacrificed for nothing. I am not a young chicken. I owe student loans that I have to start paying back very soon. I am now looking at transition programs to get my RN. Not that they are having much of a better time finding jobs but at least I will have more options. Please don't tell me..I'm not looking hard enough because I AM. I am applying to anything I see. I am ignoring the "must have 1 yr experience" and applying anyway. I have applied to home health, LTC, Stepdown...you name it. Hell at this point I'll take a job as a receptionist at a Dr.'s office. I just don't know what to do that I'm not already doing. I think it's criminal that these schools are continuing to market their programs the way they are. If I had been told I would have to search for over a year for a job I would have gone directly to the RN program...OR looked into other healthcare avenues. I would never have put my family through this for nothing. It's just wrong.